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No Matter the Occasion

Doubtless you have a special woman in your life. And doubtless there is an occasion when you will need to give her a gift, or just because. Some people think women are hard to shop for. However, they tend to give pretty big clues especially in the time leading up to a holiday or other special occasion. Pay attention to her signals. Go shopping with her and see where her gaze lingers. Read on for a selection of ideas for gifts for every woman in your life. 


Every woman cares about beauty on some level. Even if she does not wear a lot of make-up or do her nails, she cares about taking care of herself. For the simple, glam free woman, a nice moisturizer or lotion is a great option.

Assuming you know what she likes, you can pick up her favorite fragrance or something newly released by the brand she loves. If you are in a relationship, you could pick out a fragrance you like and hope that she will wear it. Fragrances can be tricky, because not every fragrance goes with every person’s body chemistry. 

If she likes having her nails done, you can book her an appointment at the salon. Give her the full treatment that she would not normally get for herself. You can also pick up different nail products, such as a new nail polish set or acrylic nail kits

Similarly to getting her nails done, you can schedule her an appointment with her stylist if she is due for a cut or color. If not, you can still schedule her for a blowout or styling session and then take her out while she is looking extra phenomenal.

When in doubt, snoop around. Look at the products she already has, see if she is running low. Check the brands and research if they have a new product. Look for indulgent items that she might not buy for herself like masks or special targeting treatments. This option must be done with care, and only you know if you have the type of relationship that this gift would not be taken with offense.


You will not go wrong with a little bling. It is important to remember a few key things when purchasing jewelry for the women in your life. Pay attention to what she already wears and match the style. If she primarily wears silver versus gold, take note. Things like necklaces and earrings are easy purchases, because you rarely have to worry about size. Rings and bracelets can be a bit more tricky. 

Most women appreciate thoughtful jewelry, like something with their birthstone or a matching set of earrings, bracelet, and necklace or similar combination. Depending on your relationship (mother, sister, aunt, girlfriend), a piece of jewelry that specifically speaks to that relationship can mean more than an expensive piece.

It is important to be aware of if she has any skin sensitivities. The best way to get ahead of this is to buy gold or sterling silver jewelry, not plated. Jewelry that is plated or not a quality metal can lead to green fingers and even a rash.


Most women appreciate little things to make their room or home more homey. Thoughtful gifts like picture frames (with a special picture already in it), flowers in a Venus Et Fleur vase, or a print that nods to something she really likes, like a movie actor, or an artistically done favorite quote.

You know the women in your life the best, so you will know whether they would appreciate a cute stuffed animal, a scented candle, or a specific collectible. You know whether or not she would appreciate a smart coffee mug or a new set of wine glasses.

Unique Gifts

When in doubt, a personalized gift is always a hit. Getting an item with her name or a special quote shows how much thought went into the gift. Putting together a box or bag with specially selected items based on her interests also shows a special level of planning. Does she like coffee, Star Wars, chocolate, or Harry Potter? Picking out items specific to her interests and passions shows how well you know and understand her.

Another unique way to show her how much you care is to show her that you care about her safety and well-being. Items designed to keep her safe are thoughtful and show that you want to protect her even when you are not there. 

  • Safety alarm 
  • Pepper spray
  • Multipurpose Tactical Pens
  • Auto safety kits
  • Stun guns

Ensure you are considering what she is comfortable with. You could also consider self defense or martial arts courses, if it is something she would enjoy trying.

Subscription boxes have become extremely popular. You can get her something tailored to her interests from Loot Crate to MuscleBox. You can also consider a general box that she can tailor certain items like FabFitFun. 

Do you have a skill? Can you sew, knit, or woodwork? Handmade gifts are especially unique. They are often appreciated due to the time and love that goes into creating them. Knitting a scarf in your aunt’s favorite color or doing a cross stitch of your mom’s favorite animal often means more than anything you can buy.

Does she have a skill? Is there something that she enjoys doing with her time off that you could buy her equipment or items for? Whether she likes scrapbooking, journaling, or cooking, there are loads of options at every price range for every hobby. 

Experiences and Problem-Solving

Experiences are another surefire way to give her a thoughtful gift. Tickets to a movie or show, a trip to an escape room, a night of paint and sip, or a set of lessons in something she wants to learn whether it is Krav Maga or belly dancing, will not soon be forgotten. If you are planning an excursion or setting her up with an experience or lessons, ensure all the bases are covered. Make sure it fits her schedule, and if she has kids, make sure that childcare will not be a hindrance. Checking all the boxes so that she can enjoy her gift proves even more special. The memories will outlast flowers that die and other items that get lost or broken.

Find something that she needs taken care of, and deal with it, whether you have the skills or know-how or not. She has certainly confided in you about something that she needs to deal with that she has not gotten around to yet. Taking the time to solve a problem or take something off her plate that she is stressing about shows not only that you are listening, but that you care enough to do something about it.

Women tend to care more about the thought that goes into a gift than the gift itself. Show her you know and understand her. Chances are good she has given you one hint or another. Prove that you are listening. And when in doubt, give her a gift card. But even with the gift card, do not reach for something standard. Opt for her favorite store or restaurant.

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