I See Me! On Valentine’s Day


Valentines Day is coming up quickly… If you are like me, then you are probably on the hunt for the perfect Valentine for the little sweetie in your life. If your precious ones are like my grand children, then they probably already have one too many stuff animals and the thought of them receiving more candy, gives their parent’s a feeling of dread! So, what is the perfect Valentines Day gift? If you ask me, a book! No matter what their age, a book is the perfect solution! I See Me! has the perfect Valentine’s books that will be cherished for years to come.

I See Me! On Valentine's Day

Nolan and Lorelai enjoying their book “We Go Together Like” from I See Me!

I See Me!

Combining the innovative technology of personalization and story telling, I See Me! creates unique gifts for all occasions that make each child feel special. Experience the Joy! Kids love being the stars of their very own stories, so just imagine their delight when they discover that their new storybook has a very familiar hero. Personalized storybooks from I See Me! make children feel special while encouraging important skills such as reading, letter recognition, and learning to spell their own names. Beautifully illustrated and professionally bound, customized books from I See Me! take quality and personalization to the next level. Animals might bring letters one by one to spell out your child’s name. Fairies might bring the letters of your child’s name and then crown her as their fairy princess. The hero might have the same hair color and skin tone as your child, or a photograph of your child’s face might be playfully incorporated into the illustrations. Storybooks from I See Me! can help children develop basic reading skills, teach them to recognize their own name in print and lay the groundwork for writing their own names. These entertaining books also build self-esteem by celebrating the uniqueness of each child.

We received several personalized books from I See Me!:

I See Me! On Valentine's Day

Delightful Personalized Books from I See Me!

The kids and their parents loved all of the books. Their 2 absolute favorite books though, are My Little Love Bug and We Go Together Like.

I See Me! On Valentine's Day

Lorelai sees herself and is tickled pink!

Here is what my daughter-in-law had to say about them:

“My Little Love Bug, is the cutest Valentine book! It puts the kiddo’s face in each character that is talked about and the words are little rhymes that flow. I made the mistake, for some reason (not sure why #momfail) of only putting my daughters information into this book , even though its made for up to 2 names. My son, who’s 4, was so disappointed that his name and picture wasn’t in the book, since he had so much fun listening to it and seeing “Lorelai bug”. Seeing his excitement about this book, along with the other I See Me! books, I jumped online and ordered him a My Little Lovebug Nolan book for his Valentine Day gift.”

I See Me! On Valentine's Day

Just look at the thrill on Nolan’s face as he reads his “Who Loves Nolan” personalized book!

Children find it fascinating to see their name printed on something. No matter if its a toy license plate, a key chain or a cup, it’s always great. Reading a book with your name in it and maybe even your picture… does it get any better?

The I See Me! books are already becoming regular bedtime story reading. After they read to the 4 year old, his “Who loves Nolan?” book, he wanted to know what I See Me! spelled. When they the words to him, he then replied nope its “I See Nolan!” with a big smile on his face! Upon, hearing about this… I couldn’t help but think score!

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Disclaimer: These products were received from I See Me! for review purposes only. All thoughts and words in this post are those of the writer, who was not paid to endorse it. Only personal opinions are voiced about the product.


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Kerrie Mendoza
6 years ago

Love these personalized books – such a fun idea and something that kids can really attach to. I will definitely look into these for my boys. Sounds like a perfect gift for anyone.

6 years ago

My boys would go crazy for these! I love the idea of collating real faces into the books, super cute and I know they would find it thoroughly entertaining! Personalising books make the perfect gift too, very thoughtful.