How to take LEGO Play Time to the Next Level


Did you know that there are over 915 million different ways to combine just six LEGO bricks (of the same color)? It’s true. While there are virtually countless ways to play with LEGOs, some people find that gameplay gets stale after a while. They might have built it all: the Eiffel Tower, Batman’s Batmobile, a treehouse, a sports car, you name it.

So, what’s there left to build with your beloved, plastic, colored blocks? Fortunately, there are multiple ways you can take your LEGO gameplay to a whole new level, whether you’re experiencing sheer boredom or simply want to enhance your play for kicks. Consider some tips below!

1. Build a local landmark with your LEGOs.

There are a plethora of landmark LEGO kits on the market. Not to mention, you can build any landmark you wish, even without the specific kit on hand. That said, the more avid of a LEGO user you are, the more landmarks you might have built over time.

But to take things up a notch, why not try building local landmarks? These might include your local supermarket, a historic statue at a park in your city, your town’s city hall, or perhaps even your own house.

2. Compete with friends to see who can build the tallest tower before it falls over.

A great way to keep the whole gang entertained with LEGOs is to use them to see who can create the tallest standing tower. While it might seem easy, it’s certainly easier said than done. The way in which the tower is built and the structure of its foundation are factors in whether or not a tower will stand strong and tall on its own or eventually wobble and crash to the ground.

  1. Purchase a LEGO play table.

Lego tables are a definite game-changer for any LEGO lover. These tables are typically designed for small children to help them keep their blocks off the floor and have an organized way to store them once they’re finished playing with them. After all, parents know how messy LEGOs can get and, let alone, how painful they are to step on!

4. Play Creationary with your LEGOs.

Whether you’ve been playing with LEGOs for years or only have vague experience with them, as long as you love building with LEGOs, you’re a great candidate for playing Creationary, the LEGO version of the game Pictionary.

While there are specific rules apart from Creationary, the general idea is to create a certain object with your LEGO blocks while everyone else attempts to guess what you’re trying to build. It can get tricky very easily! You can play Creationary with the actual board game, or you may do it without it if you wish.


While there are millions of different ways to build with your LEGO blocks, the truth is, players, get bored every now and then. That’s when the previous tips come in handy. From building local landmarks with your LEGOs to using your LEGO blocks in a game of Creationary, there are numerous ways to boost your gameplay.

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Love the local landmark idea!

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