Give Your loved one a great 16th birthday gift by turning pictures into artwork


When someone in our lives has a 16th birthday, it can be an extremely special occasion. However, despite the fact that 16th birthdays are very special, it can be difficult to find the perfect birthday gift that is equally as special! Luckily, there are gifts out there that can truly make a 16-year-old girl exceptionally happy on her birthday.

One such gift is a custom portrait painting from Paint Your Life. Paint Your Life is a company that has a team of highly-talented artists on staff who create beautiful paintings based on photos that are submitted to them.

So, anyone who wants to give a fantastic present to a special teenager in his or life on his or her 16th birthday can commission a painting from The process is very easy and it only takes a few weeks to receive the painting. All that a person has to do is to select the artist he or she wants to do the work on the Paint Your Life website, choose the style of painting, the size of the painting, and submit the photos. The artist will take care of the rest!

Remembering Her Sweet 16 Forever

Most of the gifts that a person receives on his or her sweet 16 will be forgotten within a year or two. However, people who receive custom portrait paintings of themselves from a photo from their lives will be likely to remember their sweet 16 forever. This is because a custom portrait painting is not a gift that one simply uses or throws away after a period of time.

A custom acrylic paint picture is a gift that people tend to cherish for many years after they receive it. So, anyone who gives a custom painting from Paint Your Life to a teenage girl on her 16th birthday can have their gift remembered for a long time. It is actually possible that the girl will keep the painting for the rest of her life.

For many people, giving a gift that can last for years or even decades is a much better option than giving a gift that will only last for a short time period. For people who feel this way, there are few better gifts than a custom painting from Paint Your Life for a 16th birthday present.

Choosing the Right Photo

It is important for anyone who commissions a custom photo from Paint Your Life to choose the right photo for the painting. The photo that is chosen should be one that has a great deal of meaning to the girl who will be receiving the painting.

So, for example, if the girl loves to ride horses, then one should consider choosing a picture of the girl with her horse. If the girl loves to play soccer, then one should consider a photo of the girl playing soccer or holding a soccer ball.

The more personalized that the photo is and the more that it represents the personality and the life of the girl, the better. Anyone picking out a photo should try to choose the photo that they believe the girl will like best, not what they like best. IT can be hard to make this decision, but ultimately, the girl’s happiness is the top priority. So, people have to remember that when they are selecting photos.

People who can’t narrow it down to one photo can submit up to three to the artist of their choice. Then the artist will choose the photo that he or she believes will be the best for the photo.

Great for Any Birthday

Despite the fact that custom paintings from Paint Your Life make for excellent Sweet 16 birthday gifts, they also make great birthday gifts for anyone on any birthday. So, people who like the idea of these paintings as gifts do not have to wait until someone in their life is turning 16!

In fact, It really doesn’t matter if a person is turning 10 or 100, custom paintings from Paint Your Life make for excellent and long-lasting gifts. The reason why they are such great gifts and whey they tend to go over so well is because they are incredibly beautiful, they are unique, and they are highly personalized.

Many people who receive custom paintings from Paint Your Life never receive a gift quite like it for the rest of their lives. In fact, upon receiving the gift, many people break into tears. Some even break into loud sobs of joy. It is quite an experience to watch someone open a Paint Your Life painting for the first time.

You can see a painting of a young woman come to life below here:

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1 year ago

This gift really looks interesting and will appeal not only to a child but also to an adult of any age. Plus order a birthday cake at one of the services, this will be the best gift that will be remembered for a long time!