Holiday Gift Ideas for Coworkers


Christmas is right around the corner. You’ve already purchased gifts for those who are closest to you. But now you’re thinking: I should get something for my coworkers!

The question is: what? There are all sorts of holiday gift ideas for coworkers. To help you find something, we’re going to discuss some of the best of these ideas below. Let’s go! 

Gift Baskets

Here’s a can’t-miss one: gift baskets. Yes, a gift basket is generic. However, it’s something that everyone is sure to appreciate to an extent. 

Plus, modern gift baskets can be rather different. There are fruit-centric gift baskets, nut-centric gift baskets, candy-centric gift baskets, and more. To help yourself brainstorm, check out these holiday gift basket ideas

The price of a gift basket doesn’t necessarily need to be high, either. You can likely find one for as cheap as $10. That’s a small price to pay for coworkers whom you actually enjoy being around. 

Insulated Mugs

Sitting at a desk all day long can be grueling. As such, many individuals choose to sip on tea or coffee as a means of passing the time. You could appeal to this habit by purchasing your coworkers an insulated mug for the holidays. 

These mugs will keep beverages hot all throughout the day, thus optimizing the liquids that go inside of them. Available in a variety of colors and styles, there’s sure to be an insulated mug that appeals to your coworkers. 

At a minimum, these mugs cost around $10. Note, though, that the high-quality ones go for well over $30. 

Stuffed Animals

No matter how old we get, stuffed animals never truly go out of style. Because we had them even in our youngest years, we feel a connection to them that we can’t quite release. 

So, if you’re looking for a decent gift for your coworkers for the holidays, you should consider stuffed animals. There are all sorts of stuffed animals out there, from teddy bears to stuffed dogs to this duck Beanie Baby

Do some browsing and see what you can find. Ideally, you’ll choose a stuffed animal that aligns with your coworkers’ personal preferences. 

Potted Plants

Another gift you should consider is potted plants. Potted plants bring style and pizzazz to any piece of furniture that they’re linked with. So, if your coworkers were to, say, put potted plants on their desks, they would create a much more inviting office space overall. 

There are all sorts of potted plants out there. However, some of the best plants for indoor purposes include cacti, yucca plants, and begonias. 

Search your local gardening store and see what you can find. There’s sure to be something that your coworkers will enjoy. 

Ice Scrapers

Live up north? Do you have to contend with snow and ice on a regular basis? If so, your coworkers likely have to scrape ice off the windows of their vehicles on a regular basis. 

So, knowing this, why not give your coworkers some new ice scrapers? There are all sorts of unique ice scrapers out there these days, from cone-shaped scrapers to handheld scrapers to extra-long scrapers. 

No, it might not be the flashiest gift in the world. But it’s certainly useful, and when buying gifts for acquaintances, that’s usually a good way to go. 

Cell Phone Stands

Another gift to consider giving your coworkers is cell phone stands. After all, everyone owns a cell phone. And because cellphones are now used to watch movies and other forms of programming, having a stand to put them on is a huge benefit. 

There are all sorts of cell phone stands on the market, from cheap, flexible stands to more expensive metal stands to car-based stands. Find some phone stands of good quality and your coworkers are sure to appreciate them. 

Pen Sets

If you work in an office, your coworkers are sure to write things down on a regular basis. So, for holiday gifts, you should consider getting them high-end pen sets. 

Sure, a pen isn’t going to blow anyone out of the water. However, it is something that will see plenty of use. And if it’s a good pen that’s comfortable and reliable, your coworker is bound to think of you positively every time they use it. 

There are a variety of pen sets out there. These run the gamut from $10 to $50 and beyond. Find one that strikes your fancy and wrap it up for gifting! 


We can’t forget the greatest catch-all gift of them all: candles! If all else fails, give your coworkers some candles. Even if they’re not crazy about candles, they’re almost sure to use them at some point; after all, everyone likes things that smell nice. 

Around the holidays, cinnamon and nutmeg candles are popular. However, you don’t have to relegate yourself to these scents. You could also go with apple or pumpkin or mint or sea breeze. 

And the best part? Candles are cheap. So, you won’t have to break the bank just to show your coworker that you value them. 

Search online. Search Walmart. Search the Hallmark store. They’re all sure to have a good selection of candles available. 

Variety of Holiday Gift Ideas

All sorts of holiday gift ideas are out there. So, whether you need holiday gift ideas for employees, client holiday gift ideas, or holiday gift ideas for your coworkers, you can be accommodated. Use the examples above to inform you and choose gifts that would align with your coworkers’ personalities. 

On the hunt for similar topics? Our website has you covered. Browse through our other articles right now! 

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