How to Make Money While Traveling


So many people dream of exploring the world and discovering new locations for themselves, however, many are held back by work commitments or financial issues. The thing is, what a lot of people don’t know, is that they can still earn money while traveling – meaning they can pay for their trips and holidays while they’re still away. Here are a few ways people can make money when aboard, which can help them achieve their traveling dreams. 

Online Surveys

No matter where you are in the world, as long as you have access to a stable internet connection, you can make money completing branded surveys. This is because many businesses need information from all sorts of people to tell them what they think about their products, so that they can use this information to improve. To entice people, they offer monetary incentives which travelers can take advantage of and fill out on mass when on a long-distance train or plane journey. Surveys take just a few minutes to fill out and can earn you, on average $5 and perhaps even more, which can be used to help fund your next excursion. 

Language Tuition 

If you’re a fluent speaker of English, then there’s a lot of opportunity for you to become a short-term language tutor while on your travels. English is becoming more and more important in business and industry across the world and, because of that, the demand for tuition is at an all time high. 

There are many programs that can pay you to travel to an interesting location and spend time in a school that can train you and give you the resources you need to tutor children at a good level. Don’t worry if you can’t speak the native tongue, as most institutions desire teaching that’s 100% in English to help students be immersed in the language. 

Sell Your Photos 

When traveling, you’re bound to be taking photos of interesting landmarks and cool locations, so it’s not much extra hassle at all to use these pictures and sell them online. If you’re nifty with a camera and have good quality lenses, then there’s the possibility of selling your photos online so that they can be used as stock photos that other creators can use for websites and brochures. Websites such as Shutterstock are a good place to start, just be aware that they take commission of every photo that’s sold and that you’ll have to sell a high volume of photographs to make a decent sum of money, but every little helps. 

Seasonal Work 

Doing seasonal work is a great way to help support you if you plan to stay in a different country for a long period of time. There are many different jobs people can do, such as working in a holiday resort over summer, becoming a bartender in party centric locations such as Ibiza, or picking fruit. There are a whole lot of jobs that can vary depending on location and season, and as an added bonus, some jobs even offer accommodation and set meals, meaning you can save big while also earning a nice amount. 

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