How to Get Your Kid Ready for the First Dental Visit


Just mentioning the dentist can give your child a lot of anxiety. This is because the first thing that comes to their mind when they think about dental visits is pain.

However, what you say to your child when preparing for a dental visit can determine their attitude. You need to make them feel at ease. There are different ways to approach children about a dentist visit according to their temperament and age. Some of the things you can do to prepare your child for a dental visit include:

Go to the Right Dentist

For children above 12 years, it’s crucial to make them feel confident about the person treating them. Assure them that they will be handled by a qualified professional.

Besides making your child feel comfortable about their first dental visit, you also need to make sure they are being handled by the best medical personnel. Going to a dentist who is good with kids will make the visit more exciting to your child. You will also be confident knowing your child is in good hands.

For instance, taking a child to Vellore Woods Dentistry will ensure they are served by the best dentist Woodbridge has to offer.

Address the Child’s Fears

Children normally have varying fears when they hear about going to the hospital. If not addressed prior to the doctor’s visit, these fears can make the treatment session difficult. Some of the most common fears among children include:

  • Separation from their parents
  • Fear of Pain
  • Fear of the unknown
  • Fearing the doctor
  • The sight of medical equipment like needles

You can address these by encouraging your child to express their fears. Once you know what is causing them to fear dental visits, it will be easy to comfort them based on that specific fear. For instance, you can comfort a child who takes hospital visits as punishment by promising them a small gift after the visit.

Take Your Child to the Dentist When They Are Young

The younger they are, the easier it is to make your kid feel comfortable about every visit to the dentist. Tell them it’s something to get used to, and they they won’t have any fear of check-ups when they are bigger. This will rationalize the experience for them, and make the dentist office seem mundane.

Starting dental visits when your kid is young will make things easier for you, the child and the dentist. You’ll eliminate years of anxiety about bi-annual appointments. Your dentist will have an easier time doing his job when your child is more relaxed at a young age.

Play Pretend

Children learn best through games and practical exercises. You can make the visit to the dentist easier by play-pretending as the dentist and your kid as the patient. Make it as interesting and relaxing as possible so your child looks forward to the actual visit.

For instance, you can use a toothbrush to count your kid’s teeth without making any drilling noises that may scare them. Let your kid play along by practicing the same on a doll or a dog. Once they form positive memories about this routine, it will be easier for them to face the real dental visit.

Watch What You Say in the Presence of Your Kid

It’s understandable to discuss your past medical experience, but it is not always helpful to your child. Ensure you don’t mention painful experiences in front of your child. It can make them fear the dentist. Nevertheless, you can narrate some of your great experiences to show how much help you got from dental care.

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