How To Develop Creativity In Your Child


A lot of people tend to believe that creative people are born talented – whether it’s someone’s ability to create music, write stories, or draw life-like pictures. We view their skillfulness as something that is inside them. However, the results of the studies proved that creativity is a skill that can be developed.

Creativity is a word we use to describe people who are able to use their imagination to bring new things into the world. This can either be something physical that they make, like a painting, or even the ideas that they put into a poem.

Basically, it is our ability to use our thoughts to make something that other people can experience. So based on this definition, this means that anyone who can create things from their own ideas is – you guessed it – creative.

Despite this understanding of the word, we often consider people to be creative only when they are successful in their endeavors. It is always great to be recognized for the things that you create. However, the ultimate goal of creativity is for your children to be able to express themselves and enjoy the process of making things.

So with this in mind, let’s explore how you can foster creativity in your children:

Play with them

We all know that children are notoriously good at coming up with new games and creating imaginary worlds in which they play. So, make sure to awaken your inner child and play a game with your kids.

Toddlers and young kids will love to play imaginary games with you! Take it seriously and don’t get distracted by your phone or TV when you are on the plastic playground with your kids. Here are some games you can play together: ‘guess what animal I am,’ ‘playing shop,’ ‘playing house.’

Ask questions

To develop your children’s creativity, you need to give them freedom of choice. So, start asking them questions about what they want to eat and wear and where they want to go on vacation. Allow your children to make these decisions on their own. After some time, you will see how independent your children can be.

As your children get older, start cultivating creative, critical thinking in them. If you see that someone is having an argument in the movie you are watching together, ask your kids how they would solve the problem.

Children have lots of brilliant ideas, so don’t hesitate to ask them deeply, open-ended questions. The best thing is that you can also learn from them.

Limit media use

These days, people are consuming more than creating. Social media sites such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook have tons of content for every taste. And let’s face the fact that even adults can’t always control themselves – they end up spending hours scrolling without even realizing it. Don’t let your kids fall into that trap.

There are so many activities you can do with your kids without using technology – reading books, drawing outside, making sandcastles, etc.

If your kids are obsessed with tablets and phones, install apps that can boost their creativity (e.g., video editing, drawing, music-making apps).

Stop demanding

A lot of parents make the same mistake all over again – they keep comparing their children to someone else. All parents want their kids to be successful. But sometimes their desire to raise another Mark Zuckerberg and Michelle Obama puts too much pressure on children.


First and foremost, your child should learn how to enjoy the process, not only the results. You shouldn’t transfer your unfulfilled ambitions onto your children and ask them to be the best at everything they do. If they want to participate in the contest, be there for them, but don’t force them into doing something they don’t want.

Become an example

Parents are the very first role models for their children. So, besides developing creativity in your kids, you should also unleash your own. Here is how you can find inspiration:

  • Read more novels
  • Take long walks
  • Change your ‘I don’t know’ attitude to ‘what if?’
  • Question what’s happening around you
  • Seek out new experiences

The bottom line

As stated above, creativity is a skill that can be developed at any point in life. Children see things differently because they don’t have enough experience. It’s not their disadvantage, though. It makes them a perfect white canvas that parents can draw on. If you want to foster creativity in your children, let them make decisions on their own. Ask them a lot of questions since they might come up with some fresh ideas you couldn’t even think of.

Encourage them to create more than consume. Show them that reading a book or taking a long walk in the park can be more enjoyable than spending hours on the Internet.

If you want your child to enjoy the process of creativity, don’t put a lot of pressure on them by demanding immediate results. Make sure to unleash your own creativity in order to set a good example for your kids. Life is full of incredible places, people, and stories. As a parent, you need to teach your children how to see all this beauty.

















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