Tips for Taking a Trip with Young Children


Taking young children along on a vacation can be both memorable and fun. Oftentimes, adults can recall the details of family trips they took as children. It’s important for parents to do some planning to make a trip as smooth as possible. Consider some simple tips to follow when you want to take young children along on an exciting trip:

Make a List of What to Pack

Create a list of items that each child will take along in his or her suitcase. This is an ideal way to avoid over-packing for a trip or forgetting an important item. Also, it keeps the process organized. Use a pen to check off each item on the list as it goes into the suitcase. Clothing items, a toothbrush, toothpaste, a hairbrush, shampoo and soap should certainly be on every packing list. This list can also prove helpful when you’re packing to leave a hotel or rental home. Follow the list and you are less likely to leave something behind in a drawer or closet.


Games are useful whether you and your young child are traveling on a plane or in a car. You can purchase classic games made in a size that is perfect for travel. Or, you can bring along a deck of cards or a bingo game. Of course, there are video games that can be played on a portable device. A young child who takes along a collection of his or her favorite games will have something to do during a long drive or flight. Parents who want to choose a great vacation that they can enjoy with their kids may want to do something like check into travel with Royal Holiday.


It’s a good idea for parents to take snacks along for their young children. Not surprisingly, children with full stomachs are less likely to become cranky on the way to or from a vacation destination. It’s helpful to take along snacks that will last throughout the trip. Crackers, nuts, granola and dried fruit are some suggestions. Taking along foods that are non-perishable can help a parent avoid lugging a cooler around on a trip.

Comforting Items

Most young children have something that they carry that gives them comfort. If the flight gets bumpy or there is a thunderstorm during the car trip, a favorite stuffed animal, pillow or blanket can help soothe a child’s nerves. Plus, a comforting item can help a child sleep better in an unfamiliar environment.

A Prize Bag

Finally, a prize bag is something that a parent can keep secret until there is a need for it. For instance, if there are two young kids traveling with a family, a parent can use the prizes in the bag as incentives to get the kids to clean up their area of the car or remain quiet on the airplane. Parents can get small, inexpensive items to put into the prize bag like small dolls, miniature action figures, a mini snow globe, etc. A parent can give the kids a chance to reach into the prize bag every time they earn the right to have a toy. This is an easy way to incentivize good behavior on a long trip to a vacation destination.



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