How to Become a Successful Mobile Commerce Site


Mobile commerce continues to boom. More and more customers are buying off of social media ads and small business websites by using their mobile devices. As the industry sees more competition, it’s harder to get people’s attention. If you want to reach your target audience, take your business to the next level, and achieve maximum results, you need to use some clever tactics.

Whether you’re using guerilla marketing or you’re rethinking your approach to Shopify, there are ways that you can achieve greater success in the mobile commerce space.

Smarter marketing matters.

Mobile shoppers are savvier and they’re less interested in your average advertiser. That’s where guerrilla marketing, also known as viral marketing, comes into play. If you’ve never heard of guerilla marketing, you might be missing out. As opposed to traditional marketing, a guerilla marketing campaign uses unconventional methods for each interaction. One day, it’s a flash mob and some stunts. Another day, it’s a set of flyers, billboards, and graffiti that are designed to attract consumer attention. Guerrilla tactics take advantage of public spaces in creative ways that are bound to draw customer attention.

Whether you’re a business owner that’s trying to promote a new product or you’re an entrepreneur that’s ready to try a different style of marketing, a guerrilla campaign can benefit you in numerous ways. By leveraging public places like a sidewalk or a stadium, you’re creating a more interactive marketing experience. Plus, if there’s a viral video of your guerrilla marketing campaign, the word of mouth alone can boost sales immensely. Always make sure to follow best practices, plan your guerrilla marketing tactics for the right place and the right time, and make sure to leverage social media platforms through tweets and your Facebook page to spread the word. Creative guerrilla marketing could be the wave of the future.

Rethink your eCommerce site.

Nowadays, many mobile businesses rely on the Shopify app. It’s an intuitive way for a startup to develop an online store. When you link this to your traditional site, you can even use blogs and SEO to improve your standings. However, many Shopify stores tend to look nearly identical. If your landing page looks like a competitor’s, what incentive does a customer have to choose you, especially if they’re browsing on their phone? That’s why having a developer for Shopify on your side can make a massive difference.

A web developer can give your Shopify site the edge it needs to take out. A Shopify developer will take your preferences into account to create a Shopify page that truly sings. Your Shopify developer could be a freelancer or they could be part of a New York City agency. As long as they’re able to work with the API and craft a great development store, that’s all that matters. On top of that, if your site succeeds, you could even become a Shopify partner with access to the partner dashboard.

Use data more effectively.

While it’s easy to look at viewer traffic as a whole, that won’t give you true insights into your install base. Though the entire exchange of traffic is beneficial, you need to segment your data by mobile users to spot trends, behaviors, and performance indicators. For example, if a certain blog post performs well on desktop but doesn’t see much mobile traction, you may want to do some rewrites or target a new keyword. Also, if your JavaScript or Python isn’t optimized for mobile, you need to address that too.

From guerrilla marketing campaigns to Shopify milestones, there are plenty of ways for an entrepreneur to take advantage of the mobile space. It’s a bustling market so you need to do your best to stand out.

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