How Losing Weight Helps You Improve Fertility?


If you are ready to add an addition to your growing family, then it’s important to take very good care of your health. Infertility can be a nightmare for any couple who is craving to have a beautiful infant to love and care for. chronic diseases such as diabetes, high cholesterol, and hypertension are often due to bad diet and sedentary lifestyle. An unhealthy lifestyle can lead to weight gain. Unfortunately, weight gain can have a negative impact on your fertility. If you’re struggling to conceive, you can still create the family you’ve always wished for with the help of fertility specialists like Cryos International.

A lot of times obese couples are complaining about infertility or miscarriage issues. Luckily, there are various strategies to losing weight in order to improve your fertility. Strategies such as HCG diet and pregnancy play a huge role in weight regulation. Scientists have found that the beta HCG hormone that is created during pregnancy functions to take fat from the mother’s body and provided it to the fetus.

Because weight-loss have a huge impact on fertility, here is a list of reasons how weight-loss can improve your fertility:

Hormone regulations for female

When you are overweight, you tend to produce more estrogen. A high amount of estrogen can suppress ovulation. This is very similar to a chronic illness in the female population called polycystic ovarian syndrome where the ovaries are hyperactive and produce a significant amount of estrogen. When ovulation is suppress, they can make pregnancy quite difficult. Through proper diet and exercise, you can reduce the amount of fat in your body, therefore, regulate your hormone system to stimulate ovulation and improve fertility.

Better vaginal environment

When you live an unhealthy lifestyle and become overweight, it can be very unhealthy for your immune system. This means that you are very susceptible to vaginal infections. When you get these infections or are susceptible, your vaginal discharge tends to be thicker which is unfavorable for sperm to enter into your system. In fact, the vaginal mucus can trap sperm and expel them, which cause you to be infertile. When you live a healthy lifestyle and lose the proper amount of weight, your immune system can become stronger. This can help get rid of potential vaginal infections. With a healthy vaginal environment, the discharge is usually clear and thin to provide a favorable environment for the sperm to enter.

Healthier Sperm

Weight loss isn’t just good for women, but it’s beneficial for male fertility as well. When men are overweight, they produce less testosterone. The low number of testosterone can hinder sperm production and function. This can significantly lower sperm count or slow down the sperm‘s motility function. Fortunately, with a healthy weight loss, your testosterone level can be revitalized. This can lead to a stronger and healthier sperm count.

Reduce stress

Stress plays a huge role in sperm function and vaginal environment. When you are overweight, you are most likely to produce a lot of cortisol levels which can release sympathetic hormones. This can result in an increase in anxiety and stress that can hinder your libido, sperm count, and vaginal environment. Luckily, with the proper lifestyle, you can lose weight to reduce cortisol level and to further reduce stress and anxiety. This can help increase your libido as well as improve sperm count and vaginal lubrication to avoid painful penetration.


There are a lot of factors that affect fertility, but your weight is definitely one of them. If you have a high body fat and are overweight, it can cause hormone imbalance, stress and anxiety, abnormal vaginal environment, and unhealthy sperm. If you take the initiative to eat the right food and exercise daily, you can bring your weight down, therefore, improve your fertility levels.

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I hadn’t ever heard of this before. I will try to balance my weight for sure!

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Nice Article.its realy help us a lot.
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