Dealing with Stress Associated with Becoming a New Mom


Excitement, joy, and love is what every woman is prepared for before their delivery but after they become a new mom, are these the only emotions they experience? Not so much, new moms have to adjust to a lot of changes in their life and face situations they never even thought about. Being unprepared adds an immense amount of stress to their lives. Here are some expert advices on dealing with the common issues a new mom faces.

A Crying Baby:

You cannot control the number of times your baby cries and it feels like the crying never stops. Do not worry, you are not alone, all new moms feel the same. Not being able to deal with a crying baby does not mean you are a bad mother; it just means that this is a natural process. Give it some time and you will get used to it also you will understand better how to comfort your baby so that the crying reduces.

Sleep Deprivation:

A new mother is always sleep deprived as she needs to cater to her baby’s need 24/7. This can take a toll on your health if you do not know how to get your rest. New mothers should sync their sleep timings with the baby so that they are alert when the baby is up. A baby sleeps for 12-15 hours every day hence you can easily catch your 8 hours sleep in that time.

Baby Weight:

This happens with every mother; they tend to gain weight during pregnancy and after they deliver; they wish to lose the weight. The challenge is that with their busy schedule; they find it difficult to follow a healthy routine to lose weight hence many mothers learn to live with the excessive weight which makes them unhappy and stressful. You do not have to do that, relax a few months after the delivery and once you are used to the new schedule, you will be much more capable of planning your meals and including an hour workout in your schedule. Till you are accustomed to your new life with your lovely baby, we suggest that just enjoy the baby love and do not stress.

Getting Used to Breastfeeding:

Breastfeeding is something not everyone feels comfortable with especially when it is new. Many new moms complaint that they are tired of breastfeeding and need a break from it The best way is to use a breast pump every day to fill bottles for the baby beforehand so that you do not feel stressed about breastfeeding at odd timings or in the public.

Resenting the Baby:

This is one thing you will not find many mothers discussing as they feel that people will judge them as being a monster if they disclose how they feel but if you are reading this, let us make it clear to you, mostly all mothers feel the same. Most of the day you may feel extreme love for your child but sometimes when the situation gets out of your hand and you feel stressed, you may resent the fact that the baby has taken over your life and your only job has become to cater to the baby’s needs. Many mothers may become overwhelmed and feel a need to run away from home. We suggest you take one or two hours every day for yourself doing what you love, this way you will destress and feel more love towards the baby.

Becoming a new mother many times feels like you have entered into an alien world you never knew existed. If you wish to successfully excel and do your best in this phase of your life, for you as well as your baby, do not just take care of your baby, but take care of yourself as well. Experts suggest that Ozone Therapy may help new moms destress and feel rejuvenated. Taking care of a baby may be the most difficult task of the world but if you can manage and organize your day-to-day schedule, you can get rid of all the stress and just purely enjoy the joy of motherhood

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