How Does the South Beach Weight Loss Diet Work?


The South Beach Diet is a successful weight loss program that consists of three phases: two weeks of carbohydrate, alcohol, and processed food elimination; a stage where carbs are gradually added back into your diet in controlled portions; a third stage, after the goal weight has been reached, of adding selected carbs slowly into a healthy eating lifestyle. It is so popular because it works.

Convenient and Simple to Do

The main reason why the South Beach diet is so effective, is because the people who try it have been able to integrate it into the lives very easily. This is a considerable selling point for anyone who has spent time in the past looking for low GI breads online or struggling to fit their diets into a busy schedule.

The First Two Weeks

The first phase of the South Beach diet is when the foods you consume are sugar- and starch-free— this is what triggers the beginning of your weight loss. By completely cutting out these categories of food, your blood sugar levels stop fluctuating, and hunger pangs are more easily controlled.

You are allowed to eat satisfying portions of food groups that are full of fiber and rich in nutrients. If cravings occur, you are allowed to eat South Beach Diet snacks and shakes. It is this kind of flexibility and convenience that makes so many people choose this weight loss program.

There is a company that sells the snacks and shakes online. These are sent to your home every month up to the time you have reached your ideal weight goal. This awesome service can also deliver a complete South Beach Diet solution to your door every month at incredible discounted prices. It includes the  all-inclusive range of balanced meals, shakes, and snacks.

The first two weeks fly by with weight loss results of around 4 to 6 lbs. You can elect to have diet foods delivered to your home, along with a detailed South Beach diet program, here

Second Stage

This phase lasts longer and involves the gradual reintroduction of good carbs back into the diet. You are allowed to eat in satisfying portions all the low GI, high fiber alternatives to over processed, sugary foods. It is also a way of giving you a look at how your eating patterns will be for the next few years, if they wish to keep off the weight.

Fruit, dark chocolate, and South Beach Diet approved snacks are all permitted to bring some variety for those of you with a sweet tooth.

Third Stage/Eating Style for Life

The final phase of the South Beach Diet is when you officially stop being a “dieter” and becomes an everyday normal eater. This happens when your ideal weight goal has been reached. As people don’t feel as though they are missing out on having sweets, because they have the option of buying official South Beach Diet treats, this diet is proving to be the one diet and healthy eating plan that people all over the world choose for life.

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