How does Teething Affect what Babies are Able to Eat


Your baby’s first tooth is a monumental occasion. It seems like only yesterday he or she was flashing you that toothless smile and now, their first tooth has finally erupted! As exciting as it is, teething usually doesn’t come without tears and even possibly refusal to eat.

Read on to learn more about how teething can affect what babies can eat.

Teething Symptoms

As a baby grows and develops, expect to see their front teeth appear in about four to seven months. Before the tooth appears, there are symptoms that can show up within three to five days.

Here is a list of a few teething symptoms to be on the lookout for:

  • Excessive biting – Infants who are cutting teeth often bite on their toys or fingers to relieve the pressure on their gums.
  • Loss of appetite – Some babies may end up losing their appetite or they’ll refuse to eat or drink anything to their mouth hurting.
  • Additional drooling – One of the most notable signs that your baby is getting their teeth is the increase in the amount they drool. In some cases, babies who excessively drool may end up having diarrhea, which can result in a diaper rash. If there is any loose stool, it’s important to make sure that your baby isn’t dehydrated. Furthermore, if you notice any symptoms such as a high fever or stool containing blood or pus, call your doctor immediately.
  • Ear pulling – This is a rather unusual symptom, but some babies may pull their ears to relieve pain that is caused by having sore gums.

What can babies eat when they are cutting teeth?

It’s quite the special moment for a parent to witness their baby’s first teeth come in your baby may not feel the same way. As we mentioned before, cutting teeth can result in a loss of appetite, which makes eating some foods incredibly painful. Luckily, there are a number of nutritious foods that will make eating easier while your baby’s teeth are coming in.

These foods include:

  • Chilled food – Some babies may already be enjoying solid foods. To soothe their teething gums, put their favorite food in the fridge and chill them before serving.
  • Soft foods – Serving some plain yogurt, mashed vegetables and fruit to your baby are all good choices because they won’t have to chew on them.

As another alternative, try freezing breast milk and putting in a mesh feeder. This is a great way to soothe your baby’s gums if they’re not eating solid foods yet.

Do Not Use Tablets or Gels

As a parent, you want to do everything to ease your baby’s pain and discomfort. You may even go so far as to give them a tablet or gel. These medications are said to help relieve any pain caused by cutting teeth. While this may be the case, it is not recommended. Agencies such as the Food and Drug and Administration and American Academy of Pediatrics have stated that products like Oragel could be made with chemicals that are dangerous to babies.

Instead of using tables or gels, consider:

  • Rubbing the areas of the gums that are sensitive
  • Wetting a portion of the washcloth, freezing it and then letting your baby chew on it
  • Talking to the pediatrician about other remedies

Rest assured that avoiding certain foods while cutting teeth is perfectly normal, and as soon as the first symptoms appear, they will resolve.

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