6 Ways To Protect Your Baby From Common Accidents


Babies are very curious about the world around that they live in. They spend virtually every day exploring the wonders of all that they see. As a parent, you have a responsibility to your child to ensure that they can explore and learn, but you also have the added challenge of doing your best to protect them while they are doing it.

Here are 6 ways to protect your baby from common accidents, so that you can give them even more opportunity to make discoveries.

Beware of Small Items

When your baby starts to crawl around the house, you will become quite familiar with the words, “Don’t put that in your mouth!” Babies and toddlers explore the world by touch and taste. They may pick up an item with their hands, focus on the way that it feels, and then put it in their mouth. The problem is, what goes into their mouth may end up going down their throat. Your baby’s throat is small enough that a marble could block their airway. Therefore, you should plan to vacuum or sweep daily. It is a good idea to have older kids with Legos or other small toys stay in their bedroom with them.

Poison Control

Since young babies and toddlers do explore with their hands and mouth, you need to worry about them potentially eating something that they shouldn’t. Your household cleaners should be put up or in a locked cabinet. The same is true for medications, hair care products, and anything else that may harm your child if swallowed. Another good idea is to keep the poison control hotline number available for times when your child may sample a plant or anything else.

Injuries from Falls

All toddlers climb. They spend a lot of time climbing onto furniture to see what they can find. Many kids have been injured by climbing on dressers or television stands. They get hurt by climbing on a couch and falling onto toys or falling and hitting a coffee table. You should secure the items that they may climb on to a wall if possible to prevent those things from falling with their added weight. You should keep coffee tables away from your couch and make sure it does not have sharp corners. You should worry about your stairway. Baby gates for stairs are the easiest way to keep babies from climbing up them and falling.


Most toddlers love water and bath time. They enjoy splashing. As their caregiver, you must keep in mind that people can drown in very little water and it does not take long. Watch over your child when they are in the in the bathtub. Do not leave them to answer a phone or to see who is at the door. You should make sure that your pool area is blocked off and unavailable to them. Your swimming pool area should have a gated access only and you should be able to lock it. If you have an above ground pool that isn’t in a fenced area, you should remove the ladder when you go inside.

Gun Safety

A lot of homes have guns to protect their family and hunt for food. In the right hands, they can be very useful. However, in the hands of a child, they can be deadly. Accidents happen with guns more often than we want to think about, because of a child’s curiosity. Therefore, guns and anything else that could become a potential weapon should be locked in a cabinet to prevent accidents. You should go with the theory of out of sight, out of mind. If guns and knives are not within easy reach, your child cannot get hurt by them.

Co-Sleeping Risks

Every parent loves to cuddle with their little one. It can be a great time to bond with them. However, when you fall asleep with your child, there is a risk of you rolling over and ending up on them. Your bed has large pillows, heavy blankets, and other items that could pose a potential suffocation risk. Their cribs and playpens are a much better option for their safety during nap time. They are firmer than your mattress and can be kept free of pillows, toys, and anything else that may hurt them.

Always Be Aware

You should encourage your child to explore the world around them, but as a parent, you must always be aware of potential dangers. Babies are not born knowing what will hurt them and what is safe. It is your job to know and plan for it. Watch your little one any time that they are exploring. Accidents can happen in mere seconds. Always be aware of where your baby is, what they are doing, and what they may touch.

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Veronica Mitchell
5 years ago

Thanks for sharing this, I have a little boy and he is a handful, unlike my two older daughters. I am a new reader here and I am glad I found this site.

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Telia Williams
5 years ago

It wasn’t until I had my first child that I realized how much stuff kids get into. Another great tip that can be added to this would be to always give your kids your full attention when your kids are playing. With today’s technology, so many parents get wrapped up in social media that they forget to pay attention to their little ones properly.

4 years ago

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