Stylish new Bandanna bibs for your little ones and toddlers!


Our little diva Jada is almost 1 yrs. old and this girl has so many teeth already it’s scary, I can’t believe how fast she has grown. But I tell you, this girl drools all day every day and it really bugs me that I have to change her clothing almost every few hours.

I do believed she drooled much more than my other children. I do keep her in bibs but even then I’m changing them constantly too either from her drooling or drinking her liquids.

So when I saw Bandanna bibs Unisex and NEWLY released Girl range of Bandanna bibs they peaked my interest. This bibs were created by a mom name Ann Redgewell who decided to pursue her dreams as an online businesswoman. She took her dream to a new level of creating a company called Ikkletots that cater to Babies and Toddlers. That’s when the Bandanna Bibs were born.

The first set we have below is Ann’s Bandana Unisex, Extra Absorbent, Adjustable bibs.

bandanna1bandanna2bandanna3bandanna4These cute Bandanna Bibs are waterproof and are made to keep your child dry 24/7. They have double thickness plus they will provide your child with great coverage around their neck and front. Another great thing about the Bandanna bibs is they are not only for babies, they are also large enough for your toddlers too. With the way Ann designed them they will definitely protect your baby from experiencing rashes reflux and dribble whilst. I have to say I’ve seen many children experience rashes due to drooling so if these bibs can help prevent your child and mine from that experience you can count me in to purchase a few. The Bandanna Bibs also acts as teething and feeding bib.


Another factor mom will like about the Bandanna Bib is they have adjustable snaps making it easy to fit around any baby or toddlers neck. They are made from 100% cotton knit on the front, and a soft fleece on the back and don’t worry mom, “NO Chemicals”, such as nickel, lead, BPA or phthalates. The bandana bibs are machine washable, and are backed by a 100 percent money back guarantee!

bib 6 BlackStripeBack

Now the unisex Bandanna offers two sizes and the girl Bandanna has three! This is important to me because even when Jada gets a little older she still will be able to wear her Bandanna Bibs all the way through her toddler stage. All I’ll have to do is adjust the size and with so many cute patterns I can select her clothing to match her Bandanna Bib for that day.


I love that Ann made these Bandanna Bibs for both boys and girls, just look how cute the BABY GIRL BANDANNA BIBS are below!

Girls Bibs

Adorable right!! You can mix and match with any outfit, so cute and elegant. You can check out Ikkletots on Amazon via the following links. GIRLS, BOYS

Ikkletots bandana bibs retails for $15.99 and are available on All purchases are eligible for the Amazon Prime program, as well as expedited shipping and gift-wrap.

So don’t wait, grab your Bandanna Bibs now so your little drooling baby or toddler can stay dry all day long!

Here’s a little more about the creator Ann Redgewell:

I am a mother, single woman (and grandmother) trying to realize her lifelong dream of having her very own, very new, small ‘work from home’ business with a brand of baby products and accessories called ‘ikkletots’. My first product was a set of 4 unisex Bandana bibs. My very new second product is a set of girl bandana bibs just launched this week.


You can also connect with Ikkletots via Facebook| Pinterest| to keep up with the latest.


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