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 My stomach has always been my downfall when it came to certain jeans and pants back in the day. One year I found myself slimming down pretty good, but the moment I had my kids it appeared my tummy just protruded even more. Now, I’m not a dress-girl. I have always enjoyed wearing a good pair of jeans or trousers. But my belly still would sag over my pants no matter what pair I purchased. At that moment I was thinking: “Forget it. I just need to find a pair of jeans that are a size up.” I wanted a larger pair of jeans so I could pull them up over my muffin top.

I feared I would have to resort to wearing more skirts and dresses every day instead of a good pair of jeans, but no way. I searched around until I found the perfect pair of jeans for women like myself called the Marilyn, straight leg jeans by NYDJ.



One thing I love is a good pair of comfortable straight leg jeans that accent my curves and help control my tummy. I had always heard that “NYDJ had a control aspect to them that would provide its wearer a more streamlined effect and would give you a look that’ll certainly slim you down.  Now you’re talking my language! A pair of trouser jeans that not only will complement my body, but will also provide my tummy control a slimmer look–here comes my self-confidence back! Watch out world!

I can see myself wearing these jeans with a nice pair of heels, fitted top, or sweater, and never have to worry about my little tummy not having the control it needs.

Another great pair of NYDJ that caught my eye are called the Wylie trouser in linen.  I can see myself wearing these linen pants during the summer with a great blouse and a nice pair of sandals. I love the slender effect and the wide leg width, plus NYDJ sizes range from regular to plus size.


NYDJ are trendy and hot. I say they are well worth the money for all the benefits they provide. As for the special technology they use to assist us women with a better slimmer tummy fit, I’ll let them tell you more details about that:


The reason why women rave about NYDJ? Our exclusive Lift Tuck Technology®, designed to make you look and feel a size smaller. A patented crisscross panel helps flatten in the front, while lifting and smoothing in the back. It works so well, we recommend that you order a size down from what you normally wear. The rise hits just slightly above the natural waist to provide not only a slimmer silhouette, but also comfort without gaping at the waistband.



Well, I don’t know about you, but I will be ordering a few more NYDJ women’s jeans and trousers to add to my collection. I have found a few favorite pair for my oldest daughter as well that I know she’ll love. NYDJ offers perfect premium jeans that are indeed for any occasion!




Visit NYDJ today to see their wide selection of designer jeans and connect with them also via FacebookTwitter | Pinterest

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Rachel Beltz
9 years ago

These jeans look so comfortable!! Plus, they’re super stylish?! Who could deny these jeans.. anything to make me look slimmer has my vote!

Alison Gibb
Alison Gibb
9 years ago

Thank you for the info. I will wear anything that controls my belly!!