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Keeping our kids free from colds and cavities is a good thing, right?

Healthy Kids Make Happy Kids Happy Kids Make Happy MomsWhen we get sick it is one thing. But when our kids fall ill, it is a double or triple whammy. First, we feel their pain and discomfort and as a parent, you know how much you want to take on your child’s suffering. Second, the added stress and worry to your day and to your life. And third, taking care of your kid is the most important thing in the world… but try telling that to your boss!

Kids are so susceptible to catching colds, sore throats, sinus infections, ear ailments… all of these add up to real problems. Plus, building a strong immune system early in life can only help them as they grow up and become adults.

What is the solution? The overuse of antibiotics can lead to all sorts of problems: from weakened digestive systems to antibiotic resistance that can open the door to some really serious problems.

While there is probably no single cure or answer, there is one approach that is both natural and effective–the use of oral probiotics to boost the health of the oral cavity and to build natural resistance to colds, sore throats and all manner of ear-nose-throat infections.

The theory is simple; using natural bacteria to fight invaders and germs. Multiple clinical studies have supported the fact that oral probiotics can significantly reduce the incidence of sore throat infections, as well as other ear-nose-throat ailments.

In fact, these studies showed up to a 90% reduction in such illnesses amongst kids that were taking oral probiotics versus those that were not. The kids that were tested were all children that had a history of sore throat infections.

Healthy Kids Make Happy Kids Happy Kids Make Happy MomsThis is interesting–the first effective oral probiotics were discovered by studying those lucky children that seemed to never get colds and sore throats. Turns out that it wasn’t just luck, these kids all shared a unique strain of bacteria in their mouth that was a natural ward against ear-nose-throat infections.

The researchers isolated the strain and tested its effectiveness–success! They were able to figure out how to grow the strains and after many studies they patented them for release to the public.

These strains have some oddball names–BLIS K12 and BLIS M18–but together these strains of bacteria have proved extremely successful at strengthening the body’s ability to fight off ear-nose-throat infections.

But wait, while that benefit is pretty impressive by itself, there is more. These strains also proved to be very, very effective at restoring a healthy bacterial balance in the mouth. This is pretty important because if you can control the “bad” bacteria that is primarily responsible for tooth decay (cavities or dental caries), gum disease and chronic bad breath you can prevent all kinds of oral problems.

By inhibiting the growth of “bad” bacteria and by stabilizing the pH values in the mouth, these powerful strains of beneficial bacteria work around the clock to create an oral environment that literally fights off tooth decay, colds, and sore throats all day long–and all done in a natural process as well.

Here’s another thought–your mouth is the starting point of your digestive process, meaning that if the mouth is in good shape then you are far more likely to digest your foods. And the better you digest your foods, the more nutritional value you get to keep you and your kids healthy and strong.

Your mouth is also the main gateway to your body, and it has the big job of protecting you from all kinds of nasties. Beneficial bacteria in your mouth are big players in this game of providing immune protection. Think of it this way, with more healthy and alert guards at the gate then undesirables are not likely to bust in.

Thankfully you do not need to do the research as it took a highly trained, very experienced and knowledgeable holistic dentist YEARS to figure out the proper blend and proportions of probiotic strains. This blend of oral probiotics can revolutionize a child’s oral health, fighting cavities, gum disease and warding off all manner of colds, sore throats and ear infections… all with just a tablet a day.

Interested in trying this out? Here is a savings discount code exclusively for you mommy blogger followers: S2MKZSOT and here is your link to buy kids oral probiotics.

Healthy Kids Make Happy Kids Happy Kids Make Happy Moms

Great Oral Health was founded by a holistic dentist, Dr. Paul O’Malley, with the mission of transforming the field of oral health, and overall well-being, with enlightened and effective oral health care products.

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6 years ago

Nice post. Keep up your good work.
I am a new blogger and a mom as well. Visit my blog and give your feedback on my latest article.

Beth Bishop
6 years ago

Amazing post! While these will be fantastic points for helping our children, some of them also contain a lot of wisdom and fantastic reminders for any adult who may have wondered off of their path a bit.
Thank you.