A Few Tips in Bathroom Remodeling


People normally use their bathrooms to wash up, take a shower, shave, or perhaps just simply take a good look at themselves in the mirror. It should be more than that; maybe a place where one can relax or even read. You might have the same idea in mind to recreate your bathroom.

Bathroom remodeling can be an interesting project if you know how to go about it. It just takes some considerations and careful planning. Here are a few on how to decorate a bathroom.

  1. Think of what you wish to turn your bathroom into. Maybe there’s this particular theme in mind that you saw in the movies and magazines, or perhaps some place where you have been into such as grand hotels and restaurants.
  2. After you have decided on a specific theme, look into your budget. Ask yourself if you can afford it considering the changes you want to make. Perhaps, there is something in the theme that you thought of that can be replaced by something which is cheaper. Talk about creativity! Think about how much space is available depending on the theme you have chosen.
  3. Part of your bathroom makeover plan is to consider the ventilation and plumbing works that might be necessary. My suggestion is to have it as it is, unless you want to incur more expenses.
  4. If you can afford it, ensure that you have the services of a professional interior designer to get to know the latest trends in bathroom remodeling. After all they are equipped with fundamental knowledge and will give you the right tips on how to decorate a bathroom based on your desired theme.
  5. Maximize the storage space in your bathroom on whatever theme you want. You can decide with your designer on what storage options you should have.  Remember there are many things that you might store in your bathroom, consider it as part of your bathroom remodeling plan. Some ways to maximize storage that you may consider are floating shelves, baskets and perhaps a small cabinet in the room.
  6. Include in your remodeling plan the right finishes you would be using for your bathroom remodeling project. You may also check on the latest styles, such as built-in shelves for your toiletries.
  7. Another factor that you need to consider would be the Color themes for your bathroom. Color themes can range from rustic to pleasant hues to more dominating colors. You must also consider the bathroom area like when you want to look bigger such as painting it with the color white or alabaster and adding some accents like orange, indigo, or any light color.

How to Decorate a Bathroom

There are lots of bathroom ideas that could turn your head around. Start with the simple things though such as:

  • Ensure that your shower curtains are always intact.
  • Check on your lightings. You might want to change it into something that matches your theme or could change your mood.
  • Turn your tiles into something comfortable to step on like having pom-pom rugs. Always ensure that you have a rubber backing underneath
  • Change or add a bathroom mirror that suits you and your bathroom’s theme.
  • Consider having an upgrade with your sets of towels, floor mats, and curtains.
  • Looking into your bathroom accessories like your soap dishes, soap pump, wastebasket, and bathroom soaps.
  • Putting scented candles
  • Having live plants inside such as orchids
  • Mounting wall decorations like picture frames and makeup cups.
  • Changing towel hooks


There can be a thousand and more ideas on how to decorate a bathroom but the ideas just offered could provide you with practical ways on bathroom remodeling. These bathroom remodeling tips are relatively easy to implement, they need not be so expensive on the budget. To save on your bathroom remodeling, you may perform certain tasks if you know them, like painting and plumbing. It’s relatively easy to do plumbing works nowadays as you no longer will be working with galvanized and copper pipes. The secret is to fight off your urge to do the major plumbing works. And, if you can resurface or refinish the other things you see in your bathroom rather than replace it, so much better. This will also reduce your expenses for your bathroom remodeling.


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