Looking for Ways to Express Myself: The K-9 Edition


Taking the dog for a walk can be the perfect end to a long day, or it can make an already bad day worse: it all depends on how well-trained your pup is on leash. It’s no fun wrangling them into their collar and leash, and it’s especially no fun walking a puppy who lunges at cars and passing joggers. It’s not that your dog is disobedient, it’s that they haven’t been taught proper dog-walking etiquette.

Not sure what type of lead system will work best with your pup? That’s okay! We’re going to look at three popular dog breeds in the U.S. and discover what collar works best for them and their unique personalities!

The German Shepherd

When my human leaves after feeding time, I think it’s never coming back. I wander around the house, sad and forlorn, not even my squeaky toy can cheer me up. As the sun rises higher in the sky, it casts a warm sunbeam on the floor that stretches out long at my paws, and I’ll lay there until I wake up from my mid-morning nap. When I wake up, there’s stuff to do. There’s my rope toy that I can untie with my teeth, and my Kong ball with hidden treats tucked away inside. After that, I GET SO BORED! According to my human doctor, I am not getting enough mental stimulation. I’m told I’m a smart girl, and need more exercise.

The click at the door means my human is home! I run up to it and jump, and it talks back to me, but I don’t always know what it’s saying. It pulls out a circle thing from its pocket and puts it around my neck, then it attaches a leash to the thing. Then my human opens the door and I run out! Or at least I try to. This slip dog collar doesn’t let me get very far. Every time I try to greet the neighbor kid, the slip collar tightens and holds me back until my human says it’s okay, then it loosens when we go up to the mini-human together. I don’t know about this collar, but I know I do get to be outside with my human a lot more!

The Greyhound

When I was a young pup, I was the fastest runner around—nothing could stop me. Now that I’m retired, I enjoy taking in the smells of the park and resting my chin on my human’s knee. He wasn’t always my human—my human saved me when I was down on my luck. My human taught me all about love, patience and understanding. It’s just us at home, and I like that. We go for long walks around the neighborhood, and people often remark on my calm disposition. My human says training helped soothe my nerves, and that the martingale dog collar kept me from running off when I wasn’t too sure about things. Thanks to my human, I’m as happy as I’ve ever been!

The Labrador Retriever

Hi! My name is Rowdy, Puppy, Layla and Get Down! My humans call me by so many names because they love me so much—and I LOVE THEM SO MUCH! I like going out with my humans, but there’s a squirrel that lives high up in an oak tree in the front yard that likes to make fun of me. Every time I try to catch him, my humans yip and holler, giving me the go ahead, but then they take me right back inside—usually.

The last couple times have been different. The humans put something around my head, a head halter they call it, that keeps me next to them always. With this thing on I can’t go off and explore on my own, I can’t even chase the squirrel! But it’s okay, my humans take me out more now, they say it’s because I’m such a good puppy!

Like people, dogs have their own personalities and way of doing things. Help them learn good manners with the right walking system tools!

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