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room-decorYou’ve seen us mention Stephen Joseph many times, but what you haven’t seen us mention is their nice collection of unique Room Décor & more for your little ones room.

As you know Stephen Joseph is a kid friendly online store where you can find so many great , quality products for your kids. Below we will share some exciting items and maybe you might want to add a few of these items to your kids rooms.

First we the Metal Memo Boards 

kidsboardsThis cute message Metal Memo Board will allow you to share notes, add pictures, share room chores and display kid’s notes and schedules on it. No more sifting through papers or wondering if your kids seen your notes or looking for important school papers, everything can be displayed right in front of them and you. They come in different shapes and colors can be hung anywhere.

Next we will move on  to the Magnetic Frames.

magnticframeThis is another adorable product from Stephen Joseph I love this frame and with the kids taking new school picture next week this frame will get great use. It holds a 4″ x 6″ photo and measures approximately 7″ x 9″ plus they are available in colorful frames and coordinate with Stephen Joseph Gifts Small Talk Magnets and Animagnets , which are sold separately.


We also have this cute Baby Bank that will fit great in your baby’s room. Mom and Dad can help teach their children the value of learning to save money right in the comfort of their little ones room.



This cute bank even has a nice size opening that will allow your child to slip his coins in easily.


Now they can add all those coins their grandparents share with them and of course the tooth fairy money, and let’s not forget the little money your child collects from doing outdoor chores.

 Lastly, I have one more awesome product to share, it’s their Growth Chart!

growthchartWow have times changed, back in the day when we kept records of our children growing we use to record their growth on their bedroom door or on their wall.  Now you can record your child’s growth with this cute Stephen Joseph Growth Chart, keep track of their growth spurts every month, line your children up, mark off their progress and watch as your little one grows into a big boy or girl. The fun and colorful designs come highly recommended for any kid’s bedroom, but you don’t have to go to lengths to hang it, as there’s a coordinated rope attached to the top. And you can even add in photos at three stages to see how much they’ve changed plus you can also personalize it with your child’s initials or name?

So what you think? Me, I personally think all the above room décor products will make a great addition to any child’s room. You can also visit Stephen Joseph to see many other great kid friendly products!




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