Guide from John Spach to Choose a Commercial Cleaning Service


An important decision an employer has to make is to keep the office premises clean. Having a specified crew on your company payroll can occur as a worthy investment in the longer run. However, sanitation and cleaning service providers are the right professionals who provide an excellent service, along with the cost-effective factor.

John Spach Stresses on Background Checks

The right question can help in narrowing down the choices. Several factors need careful speculation when you decide to hire a sanitation and safety service firm. Most such providers have several packages designed for the optimum requirement of the customer. You can ask them for the days and hours they work, their best offers, and the rates. You can request them for a quote so that ahead you can compare the offerings of each company.

If you have already compared several companies and narrowed them down to a few, the next step is to ask for references from their past clientele. In this digital world, most websites have their customer reviews, testimonials, and detailed experiences mentioned. However, one needs to stay aware of fake reviews put up on a few websites. You can contact past clients or ask your friends and acquaintances, partners, suppliers, and product developers, to refer you to any companies they have worked within their past. John Spach states that getting a third party’s account of their experience with the services is crucial to understand any hidden loopholes in the company services.

Cross-Check the Liability Insurance

One of the common ways you can eliminate such companies is by asking them about liability insurance. Since you will need a commercial cleaning service, they must provide full proof of insurance and licenses. The insurance is vital as it covers you from any repercussions such as the cleaner’s employee’s injury on duty or any case of broken machinery. In addition to that, if the firm has liability insurance, it means that they have professionally-trained staff rather than unskilled workers. 

The Hiring Processes

A commercial cleaning company can boast about their experience or their cost-effective rates in the market. However, one needs to focus on the hiring process of the company critically. It will give you the sense to understand what type of people you will entrust your office too. Ensuring that the company you are hiring will use skilled cleaners and practical measures for thorough sanitation is essential to put your trust in them. 

Ask About the Processes

As their customer, you need to know what type of sanitation processes they follow. When you enquire about the cleaning processes, you will get a fair idea of what equipment they use and the standard they hold themselves to. It will also offer a track record of how established the company is.

Commercial sanitation services are crucial for the wellbeing of the entire staff on the floor. By following the above steps, you can quickly seek an ideal sanitation and safety company that you can rely on for high-end services.

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Daniel L. Smith
Daniel L. Smith
3 years ago

Rather than imply that air duct cleaning services are not beneficial and disparage the entire air duct cleaning industry, I believe it is more appropriate and productive to educate consumers on how to select a qualified professional to assess their system and perform cleaning in accordance with NADCA standards. Changing an air filter every couple of months will help with dust maintenance, but there’s much more that goes into keeping a home’s indoor air quality at its best, including air duct cleaning by a NADCA-certified technician.