3 Best Tips to Help You Buy New Bras after Your Breast Augmentation Procedure


It is natural for women to rush to a shopping plaza to buy some new bras after their breast augmentation procedure. Then, you need to keep in mind a few things before you saunter into a lingerie store near you. No matter which breast implant you have, there calls for some preparation before and after the surgery. 

According to an article published on Healthline.com, you need to keep handy a couple of bras after the surgery. Most likely, your surgeon will recommend the bras suitable after the breast augmentation procedure. Here are some of the best tips to buy new bras to make your bra shopping fun:

  1. You need some time to heal

After the breast implant process, healing and recovery time is essential. Your surgeon will suggest a healing period, which is about 3-6 weeks and means wearing some support bandages, support bras, and surgical bras. You will experience some amount of swelling during this stage because the sensitive tissue around the surgery area would be healing. You will need to figure a new bra size once the swelling is minimized. 

Even when you have healed and recovered, you may experience a little pain or discomfort around the surgery area. Therefore, wear a support bra before switching to a push-up or underwire bra. Your breasts need complete support after the procedure. 

A support bra will let your breasts settle comfortably and help in the recovery process. In case, you feel any pain or discomfort, consult with Breslow MD. You need to allow yourself some more time before you start wearing fashionable or regular bras. 

  1. Buy the right fitting bra

You may mess up buying wrong-fitting lingerie or something that makes you feel uncomfortable. Therefore, you need to get a professional fitting, more so, when you have undergone breast augmentation surgery. 

Many women with augmented breasts may feel different about their breast shape and size, and so you need some expert advice when it comes to your breast implant bra. A professional will suggest you the right size and style that will suit your new breasts and body shape. 

  1. Avoid buying expensive bras

Even if when you have recovered and your breasts did settle, allow some time for shifting and change in the next six months. It means that a bra you purchase after two months of the surgery may not fit appropriately a couple of months later. Keep this fact in mind and avoid buying very expensive bras just after you healed and recovered. 

There is no point in wasting your money on expensive bras that will not fit you in a month or two. Purchase one or two pieces of lingerie that are affordably priced and not exorbitant. After the breast augmentation process, buy new bras to make you feel comfortable and fit properly. 

Once you are sure that everything is right and you can wear expensive bras that will fit, buy them then. You need to show some patience until that time. 


Once your breast augmentation process is over, choose bras carefully. Follow these tips to help you make an informed decision. Buy new bras that feel comfortable and fit your breasts.

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