Regal Relaxation – 6 Stylish Tips For Turning Your Family’s Backyard Into a Comfort Kingdom


You know that moment when a friend invites you over for a cocktail, and you walk out into their backyard and nearly die of envy at how stylish it is?  Like a beautiful outdoor living area that you never, ever want to leave.  I know I have felt that on numerous occasions, and maybe I have even lingered one cocktail too long trying to soak up the backyard bliss.

Rather than let that envy linger around in your brain, how about turn your energy towards making YOUR backyard the one that people don’t want to leave.  Outdoor spaces are often uunderutilised and under styled.  Don’t let that happen in your house. I am here to give you 6 styling tips on how to turn your backyard into a comfort kingdom.

1) Turn up the heat!

Backyard spaces should be enjoyed morning, noon, and night, no matter the temperature.

 Brisk winter evenings or balmy summer nights both offer a great excuse to eat or play outside.  So, before you get carried away with the design, first, pinpoint the spot where you will spend the most time and purchase some stylish outdoor heaters.  Your spouse or your guest will be very impressed when you can immediately erase the chill in the air with a stylish, energy efficient, outdoor heater!

2) Define your “Why”

Why do you want to spruce up your outdoor space?

Are you hoping for a place where kids can run around like crazy and get the place dirty, a classy spot to host cocktails for friends, or somewhere in between. Create your vision with functionality in mind. And don’t worry, a luxury chill space that is suitable for kids is totally feasible!

3) Consider the weather

Sun, wind and shade all play a HUGE part in the vibe of your outdoor space.

When planning where your backyard bliss, take into consideration where the sun will be and when (do you want sun with your coffee or with your Chardonnay?), where tends to get a bit more wind, and places where it seems to be shady all the time.  Sometimes, the area that appears the best for transforming into the perfect hang spot is either too cold or too hot!  Mother Nature will be at the design table so be sure to listen to her input.

4) Backyard Boogie

There is nothing like that moment when guests arrive, or when dinner is served, and the perfect music gently fills the air.  Outdoor speakers may seem like a luxury, but the are really a must have.  Whether you want to pump up the party or introduce the class of Sinatra, music will really enhance every outdoor experience.  And a bonus is that studies now reveal that now only is listening to music enjoyable, it is good for your health!  So you can all toast to that.

5) Cook up

Another way to ensure your family and friends will want to lounge and linger in your backyard is to incorporate an outdoor cooking area.  This can range from a high-end BBQ, a wood fired pizza oven,  all the way to an outdoor kitchen set.  Being on dinner duty is all of a sudden fun when you are breathing in fresh Summer air and still in the midst of the outdoor action.

Research what size space you have to work with, and find a way to do as much of the cooking outdoors as possible! Go on and cook the perfect steak, in the perfect outdoor space, and see how happy everyone will be!

6) Relax and put your feet up

Choosing which outdoor furniture you want to feature in your backyard kingdom is critical.   Whether you want a large dining table for entertaining or an outdoor couch setting, or both, be sure to take into consideration all the information in tips 1-5 before splurging on your dream outdoor furniture.  Bonus tip, did you know August is the best month to buy patio furniture because it almost always goes on sale this month!  

Hopefully, by now you are less overwhelmed and more inspired to get cracking on designing your dream backyard.  These six tips are also in a good order of operations.  So first things first, choose that perfect stylish outdoor heater and work your way down the list.  Before you know it, friends and family will be flocking to your yard for dinner and laughs.

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michael wangai
michael wangai
6 years ago

Thank you for the informative article, for the love of nature