The Best Things to Do on a Road Trip


Are you going somewhere with your child on a long car trip? Then you should think of activities to entertain him. Yet, if as an adult you can watch a movie or play with a TonyBet registration bonus, you should create something unusual for the kid. And he will surely love these activities. 

Books With Bright Pictures

Kids love to move their hands over the small pages, open the windows and look for hidden animals or favorite animated characters. It is especially good if the book has many pages. So, a child can look at it for as long as possible. As a result, it will not bore him for a long time. 

Finger Theater

Now they sell a variety of sets with the characters of fairy tales. For example, card sets with slits for the fingers, or rag dolls that are also easy to put on their fingers and play your favorite fairy tales. They will interest even a young child, talking to him on behalf of the fairy tale character. 

Entertaining Little Things 

Every mom should definitely have such a bag of interesting trivia on hand. Put small toys, cars, any entertaining little things in the bag. If your child already talks, ask him to take out toys one by one and without looking at it try to guess what he is holding in his hands. This game develops fine motor skills and imagination. 

Drawing Board

In a store, you can buy a small drawing board: a plastic board, where a felt-tip pen draws a picture, and then it is easy to erase everything in one movement. There are other options, where the felt-tip pen on the back side is a brush to erase the drawing. Such pens are very handy for traveling because it’s easy to draw right on your knees, in the absence of a table. 

Music From Favorite Fairy Tales

Download in advance to your tablet or phone a variety of interesting fairy tales and fun children’s songs. It’s especially good to pick up songs about the road and travel. Listening to them on the road, your child will quickly memorize the words and lines from the songs, and on the way back, he will sing the words he learned by heart. 

Surprise Toy

Be sure to please your baby with several new toys. Get them at a time when the child is already bored and starts to be naughty and does not know what to do. This can be soap bubbles, a doll for a girl or a new car for a boy, in a word everything that will please your child. 

Games to Train Your Attention

Take any small objects on your trip. For example, a spoon, a pen, a comb, and a toy. Arrange them in a certain order and let your child have a good look at the objects and remember their location. Then ask him to turn away or close his eyes for a moment. Swap or remove an object. Let your kit notice what is missing or what is not in its place. This game develops concentration and memory. And mom does not have to invent complex games and activities for the child.

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