Top Summer Survival Tips When the Mercury Rises


“Summer lovin’ had me a blast…” Okay, now that one of the most popular songs from Grease is stuck in your head, summer is here and it’s time to prepare for triple digits and whines that accompany them. Even if you don’t live in an area that gets too hot, do you have humidity? Do you have both? You can keep everyone cool and happy without breaking the bank to pay your utility bills. Here are summer survival tips, some of which you and the kids will love.

Shade Your Home Inside and Out

If you live in the south, you live in an area that gets hot and humid. To enhance the effectiveness of southern air air conditioning, keep the heat and humidity out of your home. For the record, the midwest and east coast know a thing or two about heat and humidity, as well. The west coast doesn’t get too hot or humid, but the southwest understands heat like no other place in the land.

The best way to prevent heat indoors is to shade your home. Make certain your windows are energy efficient to keep the cool air in and the hot air out; tint them if necessary. Also, purchase quality window coverings and keep them closed during the day. Use external awnings and seal all doors and windows to prevent humidity from seeping in, too.

Plant native trees outside around your home but not too close to avoid foundation damage to provide additional, natural shade and beauty. Once they’re grown, you’ll be surprised how much they help keep your home cool. The cooler your home is inside, the less your air conditioner runs, and this saves you money on your energy bills, as do standing and ceiling fans to help circulate air.

Use Recreation to Keep Cool

If you don’t have air conditioning or are on a super-tight budget. Set your home’s thermostat higher and head elsewhere. Summer means the kids are out of school and on vacation, so now is the time to schedule some quality family outings. Head to a nearby mall or the movies to wander or sit in air-conditioned comfort for hours.

You can also head outdoors and jump in your pool. Don’t have one? Head to your community pool or, if you live near one, the beach or a lake. Nothing is more refreshing than beating the summer heat in a body of water, but exercise smarts with this solution. Slather everyone with sunscreen and make certain to keep hydrated. Sunburns and heat-related illnesses are dangerous.

Another option to head to the hills. The higher up you can go, the cooler it will get. If you live near a natural forest, now’s the time to take the family on a healthy and educational hike. You can also head to the mountains for a picnic and/or to go mountain biking. You need sunscreen and plenty of water on this outing, too, but everyone will have a wonderful time.

Summer is fun time. Summer is family time, which is why it’s many peoples’ favorite time of the year. You can beat the summer heat. Keep your home and family cool with a common-sense sun protection plan. Now, go make summer memories! 

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