Give the Gift of The Real Pocket Drone with HD Video This Holiday!


Christmas is fast approaching and we all know that we are running out of ideas for people on our lists. My husband is particularly difficult to shop for. How do you shop for someone who has everything they need and/or want? My husband is fairly easy to please, I guess when you get deployed to a war zone you tend to need a lot less then before you go. I have a hard time, because he insists he wants nothing, and of course I tell him the same thing. I guess I am just as guilty of giving zero ideas. He loves toys and he loves drones, he is always eyeing them at the store. So I decided he is getting The Real Pocket Drone from Odyssey Toys

The Real Pocket Drone

As a family we tend to play with a lot of toys, and the more technologically advanced, the better. We tend to avoid most bulky things, because that means even more space needs to be saved when we travel. The Real Pocket Drone is incredibly slim and you guessed it, can if in your pocket. It is the same size as an iPhone 6, so it is portable and small enough to take anywhere. As long as you have enough room for a small device and a controller that is about the same size, you can take this literally anywhere. If you are worried about sticking it in your pocket, don’t be. The motors fold in and are completely safe while being in your pocket. 

Included in Box:

  • Drone Unit
  • Remote Control
  • Charging Cable
  • Lithium Ion Battery
  • Spare Blade Set
  • Premium Carrying Case
  • 4GB SD Card
  • USB SD Card Reader

The Real Pocket Drone

The past year I have been writing up a YouTube series, and we have not gotten to production yet. My husband is my camera guy and he has told me how a drone would really help him get the images and video we need for certain shots. This is his opportunity to make good on that offer, because The Real Pocket Drone takes HD video and photos. It is amazing quality and it seems surprising coming from such a small unit. It takes great production quality images and photos and it can be just for fun. You can fly this over your kids playing in the snow and get some amazingly beautiful shots! 

It is a fun toy that you can fly around, all while getting some amazing videos and photographs. It has amazing quality and the precision is so great, you can even fly it around in the house. You can use it to get photos from so many angles and have a great time doing it. I know my husband will spend hours just zooming it around the house and outside, before he ever takes his first video. The Real Pocket Drone is such an amazing product that will also give you loads of entertainment. It is small enough you could slip it in a stocking, but if you keep it in the box, makes an excellent gift to find under the tree. 

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