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RapidSOS+ is a life-saving smartphone app. In my life of uncertainty, I appreciate knowing that this app will help me during a time when I most need it. Looking back I am not quite sure how we got along without our current technology.  When I was a kid not everyone had the 911 service in their area.  You had to depend on making sure that the Emergency phone numbers were posted by your landline phone.  If I walked to a friends house that was possibly a mile or more I didn’t have a way to get a hold of my parents if I needed to.  But that was a different time.  It was a time when the neighbors looked out for you.  Although bad things could happen, you didn’t have to be afraid to walk around the block or to a friend’s house. School shooting? You never ever heard of that back then.  

RapidSOS+ App

Fast forward to raising my own kids I wish this app had been around at that time.  I always allowed my kids to take their cell phones to school.  I did ask them not to be on them unless it was an emergency but I just felt better knowing they had them on their person.  My mind always went to the ‘what-ifs’?  

Now with RapidSOS+ you will have just what you need to keep your family safe.  It has better location technology than your smartphone has, which makes it easier for the medics or police find you.  

A few facts:

  • There are 494,000 cyclist accidents brought into the ER annually.
  • 73% of calls to 9-1-1 are from mobile phones, which fail to provide exact location to dispatchers
  • Over 10,000 lives are lost annually when 9-1-1 callers can’t be located

I never knew any of these statistics prior to visiting their website. 

RapidSOS+ App

RapidSOS is backed by two top global venture capital firms, Highland Capital Partners and Two Sigma Ventures, and several of the world’s most prominent individual technologists and investors. This shows me that a lot of thought has gone into this application and makes me feel confident in their service. They have an extensive team that you can read about on their website here.

I have an Apple smartphone so I went in and searched the app and it came right up.  It does offer in-app purchases also. I have included the links to each smartphone app below as well as their social media profiles.  To learn more you can visit their website as well.

Feel safer by trying out the RapidSOS+ app.  You will no longer wonder if you will be able to get help in an emergency no matter where you are located at the time.

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