French Press vs Drip Coffee Maker: Which One Reigns Supreme?


The French Press and Drip Machine have been locking horns with one another for a while, causing a violent storm among coffee fans of both brewing devices. Decades have passed and we have yet to see which one comes out the undisputed king of coffee machines.

Well, to tell you the truth, both French Press and Drip are both excellent in their own right. They each come with their own set of distinct benefits and features that separately cater to the liking of coffee dorks around the world.

So to paint a clearer picture between the two, we have drawn up this spectacular write-up to see which of these legendary brewers deserves the highest honor of brewing our coffee now and years later.

Strengths of French Press

One of the most interesting fun facts is that in spite of its name, the French Press machine, an Italian designer by the name of Attilio Calimani was the one who first patented it in 1929. Of course, it had to go through several iterations and revisions before it was shipped to be sold in Europe and then in the United States.

One of the biggest advantages of the French Press is that it allows coffee folks to make a cup based on their desired taste. Users are also able to differentiate the amount of time for coffee grounds to be steeped, the water temperature, the size and the type of grounds used and other factors.

Most French Press users say that it is best to buy fresh coffee beans and grind them yourself rather than buying pre-ground ones from a store. There is also a general agreement in the coffee community that coffee should not be ground fine because it would only produce a bitter-tasting coffee.

Another excellent advantage of the French Press is that it retains most of the natural oils from the coffee grounds and many agree that these oils give our coffee its finest taste. This is because the French Press, unlike the drip machine, does not use a filter. Otherwise, the coffee grounds’ robust natural flavor would have been filtered out.

The other distinct advantage that the French Press has over the drip-coffee machine is its portability. The reason for this is because the French Press’ simplistic beaker does not have any electrical connections attached to it and is small enough to be placed and carried in a hiker’s bag.

Strengths of The Automatic Drip-Coffee Machine

In spite of the colorful advantages of the French, one of its most prominent pitfalls is that it takes a little longer to brew coffee. It also requires more precise manual operations in order to use it.

With such shortcomings, the French Press is not really an ideal coffeemaking solution for folks who want theirs served right away. That’s why the automatic-drip machine is a better alternative in this matter.

According to coffee dorks some of the drip-machine’s best highlights are that it is easy to use and the coffee it makes is indeed as good as the ones you get from coffee shops, cafes and restaurants.

There are coffee-machines from various brands that also come with a variety of options and features per your needs.

All you need to do is pour water through a good coffee filter, push the “on” button and just wait. Yes, it is that easy to use. It is also quite easy to maintain as well, depending on the model you have.

One of the most common features in all drip-coffee machines among others is the timer function, where you can simply pre-program the machine hours in advance when you wish to have your coffee made for you.

Just fill the coffeemaker with grounds and water and then specify the time you want the machine to serve you coffee. This is a blessing for those who get up at 7 in the morning, travel at long distances to get to work their busy 9-5 office jobs.

And the Winner Is….

Depends! Both have their own set of highs and lows and fulfill the needs of varying individuals as we have mentioned above. What matters is that you compare the benefits of both these machines and see which one fits your daily needs and preferences.

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