How to Overcome Your Post-Travel Blues


Post-travel depression is not uncommon, as returning to the daily grind after a fun-filled holiday can be a shock to the system. While booking your next adventure would help get you through the sadness, financial restrictions and family commitments don’t always allow a trip in the near future. With advancements in technology and some creativity, it is now possible to bring the experience to you without ever having to leave your neighborhood. If you are looking to add some culture into your home life or want to overcome your post-travel blues, the following tips are for you:

Explore Your Own Backyard

Smartphones have gotten even smarter, and those with the fastest mobile processors have the ability to enhance what is already in existence, creating something magical in your hometown. When you choose a phone that includes a fast mobile processor combined with augmented reality (AR) apps, the possibilities will be endless. Technology has moved far beyond “Pokémon GO,” as AR can be your personal tour guide giving you facts and 3-D imagery of what is available around you. Traveling doesn’t always have to be about boarding a plane and venturing for miles, as it is likely there are plenty of secrets and wonders right around the corner.

The Foodie Experience

One of the best things about traveling is the unique food you encounter when dining out. This exploration of food can continue in your local region by trying different cuisines, and having themed food nights with your friends where everyone brings a dish from a specific region. You can make this even more authentic by dressing up and decorating your home to match the theme. Keep an eye out for augmented reality, which is making its way into restaurants with virtual menus showcasing 3-D imagery of meals. This takes the guesswork out of ordering international dishes with foreign ingredients and shows you exactly what you should expect on your plate, as it appears virtually right in front of you.

Augmented Reality Adventures

With augmented reality, the possibility to immerse yourself in realistic, virtual tours from the comfort of your living room is quickly becoming a viable option. This will help you to feel far, far away as you visit museums, landscapes and tourist destinations — all without breaking your budget. Even hotels are beginning to share virtual reality tours of their accommodations, where you can view rooms, amenities and the lobby with detail so clear and crisp you will almost feel as though you are there. With the right device and compatible app, the online exploration of international cities will be flawless, and you can explore anywhere in the world. If the world is not big enough for you, there is even the option to virtually visit space with NASA providing 3-D imagery from our solar system.

Beating the post-travel blues could be as simple as discovering something new. With a high speed mobile processor, quality apps and a bit of imagination, you will be able to bring the experience to you. Just because you can’t afford a holiday doesn’t mean you can’t have one, and with the right technology, you can be a perennial tourist. When the time comes to go on a real-life holiday, you can use this information to pick the right destination based on these experiences.

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