5 Ways Businesses Can Use Social Media to Their Advantage


Social networking is one of the hottest areas of technology today. Websites and applications like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more allow people to stay in contact at the touch of a button or the swipe of a finger. However, businesses can also benefit in a number of ways from social media. From finding new employees to marketing to sharing news, businesses and organization can put the power of social media to use in communicating with employees, customers, and fans. In today’s business world, companies are constantly looking for a competitive edge, and social media presents a number of advantages and methods of increasing efficiency quickly and easily.

Finding New Employees

Job searches include a focus on the internet these days. While recruiting websites are an important tool for companies of every size, social media can also play a role in finding new talent. Since users follow brands and organizations that already have some value or interest to them, businesses can locate potential employees that are already familiar with the brand. Hampton Creek Foods is an example of one company that uses social networks to locate potential employees. Social media helps companies reach job hunters that they would have previously missed thanks to the reach of the digital world.


Because businesses can communicate directly with customers, social networking provides the framework for effective marketing campaigns. Since followers have already expressed an interest in the brand by following on different social networks, organizations can share various promotions, sales, incentives, and more directly to individuals that have expressed interest. Basically, social media allows brands to enhance and elevate existing and new marketing efforts with little effort. Plus, campaigns and promotions can be created specifically for social accounts to drive more followers to a business account.

Sharing News

Companies put a lot of effort into press releases and public relations. All too often, that effort goes underexposed. However when that news is shared via social media, it is being presented to an audience that already has a stake in the organization. Therefore the posts and releases get read, analyzed, and received by a targeted demographic. In short, social media allows for instant communication directly with fans of an organization, which makes every release a potential source of inspiration and exposure.

Expanding Networks

Keeping fans, followers, and other contacts informed of developments at a business is one aspect of social media that can result in an expanded reach. As press releases, blog posts, or company updates are distributed to the site fans can like, share, and comment on those posts. Since that activity appears on the users account, other people in those networks get exposed to the message. In short as the company news grows through interaction, the reach of the social platform begins to become more encompassing.

Keeping Employees Informed

Many social media networks allow for private group communication, which means businesses can harness the power of these applications to communicate directly and discreetly with employees. By gaining additional involvement and staying in contact with workers, companies can quickly and easily support operations and solve issues quickly and efficiently. Plus, businesses can drive involvement and employee awareness by issuing short updates and soliciting opinions in real time, which can be a tremendous advantage to an organization.

In the end, social media helps businesses keep employees informed, enhance marketing activities, helps find new employees, and elevates existing public relations strategy. Since these services are usually offered at a low or no cost basis, organizations can focus on creating content instead of managing costs. Technology has managed to permeate just about every level of everyday life, which means companies that take advantage of the tools available can get a leg up on the competition. Advantages can be hard to come by for businesses of every size, and the power of social media can result in a very real advantage that can pay huge dividends in several different ways. Try upkeep media article.

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