Father of 3 Small Children Aims to Fight Cold and Flu with New Invention


Boone Greenly, father of 3 young children, became motivated to invent a new wearable device after learning:

1) Young parents have viral infections 5 times as much as people without kids in the home.

2) 80% of infections are transmitted by hands.

3) People touch their face all day long, at least every 4 minutes

Frustrated with the fact that germs get back onto hands often seconds after handwashing, Boone set out to find an easier way to break “The chain of infection”. It turns out “the weakest link in the chain is face touching.” And unfortunately “we all do it automatically and constantly.”

Boone says some people object and insist they don’t touch their face, others insist they will simply stop the unconscious habit. However, “It’s highly unlikely you can change any behaviour you are not aware of, objective feedback is required” He goes on “I suppose you could ask you kids to tell you when you touch your face, but that sounds miserable!”

His device is a training tool, intended to be used 2 hours a day for about one month. Both adults and children can use it to stop automatic face touching. He insists he doesn’t get sick nearly as often as he used to and anyone can benefit. He wants to get the device into clinics, hospitals, and schools. He is using Kickstarter to accept pre-orders from the general public until Nov. 4th.

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