What You Should Do with Your Children to Raise Entrepreneurial Children


I still remember when my mom asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. “Veterinary, mom!” I answered her. And like me, many children of my age answered: dancer, fireman, police, princess (there were few princes, since then), doctor, sportsman, etc.

It was usual for each of us to seek a “profession”. And almost everyone knew that, possibly, we were going to work in a company for a boss.

When I entered the university, the world was very different from how I remembered it in my childhood. The word “enterprising” was fashionable, although at that time I still did not understand very well how that issue worked.

What started as a fashion, a “cool” term, ended up becoming my way of life. I knew that my children would have to be entrepreneurs, they would not have another option. Because the system that I knew when I was a girl, where it was enough to study hard to have a good job for life, is something outdated in our current time.

“Undertaking” today is our current system of business generation and success. Financial and professional, at least. It is not surprising, then, that it is obligatory and even urgent to teach children to be entrepreneurs.

As an enterprising mom, I am very clear about my work with today’s entrepreneurial children, and that is why I have given myself the task of studying the best way to instill this entrepreneurial culture in my daughter.

Here are some great activities that you can share with your entrepreneur children to develop their skills from childhood:

Give them entrepreneurship books

Entrepreneurship is a culture. It develops in children based on being in daily contact with her, so the best way to achieve this is to make this culture something useful, fun and that they can share with you. Personally I have found it difficult to acquire texts designed specifically for today’s entrepreneurial children. For that reason, I have made a special method to read my daughter entrepreneurship books.

The first step, of course, is to read it yourself. It is important to make a summary of the most important of each chapter and then, later, read the summary of the book accompanied by your little one again. At first the reading may not be very attractive if the subject is a little arid. Therefore, read little and ask many questions. What do you think about this? What did you understand? How did it make you feel? What would you do if you were in this situation? As a great example, check out what successful entrepreneur, Feras Antoon, has to say about raising business-minded kids. 

If you have the ability to make dramatic interpretations or create additional stories based on what you are reading, undoubtedly your child’s experience will be richer and you will have a greater opportunity to get to know the entrepreneur culture with the best teacher you can have: you.

Go together

Board games are incredibly attractive for the little ones. And also for adults! It is proven that we learn better when we have fun, and also, board games help any child, regardless of the type of intelligence to which he has greater inclination, learn better.

Some board games that I find incredible to educate children entrepreneurs are:

– Cashflow, designed by the team of Robert Kiyosaki and that will show you the advantages and disadvantages of being employees or entrepreneurs.

– Chess, which will teach them about strategy and how to think about the consequences of their actions.

– Monopoly, perfect to start teaching them about the world of business and real estate.

Share your business time with your child to raise entrepreneur children

Involve them in your business

Children learn from the example. It sounds logical, right? But in reality, the last thing we do as a rule is to involve children in our business. Instead of putting them aside, invite your little one to share time with you while you work in your business. You can start by explaining what you are doing in a simple way. It is common for my daughter to arrive and ask me what I am doing. That’s when I take the opportunity to sit next to me and show him how I do things, why I do them and explain what has worked and what has not worked for me. Explain them to their level of understanding, and do not overwhelm them with your problems. It is about something that they can share and that helps them grow, without adding unnecessary stress for their age. They are enterprising children. Let them develop little by little.

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5 years ago

These are all great tips. I think talking to them about careers and finances is super important and involving them in big ideas or projects is great. Even learning that becoming an entrepreneur is an option is mind opening to most kids!