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Sarah loves Fab Fur.  She’s used it on everything, and I do mean everything.  She put some in her locker, she used it on her books, she even used it on her desk, at home.  She said she has a fetish for this stuff.  We both love it.  I put it under my work area, so I could feel warm and fuzzy all day long.  She even decorated her boyfriends locker and books.  He just smiled, and appreciated the gesture.


Fab Fur is amazing.  I think everyone should own a roll, or 3.  You can use it anywhere, as described above. 

It’s cool, super fab, and most of all easy to use.  You just peel and stick.  And the price is amazing.  If your child likes zebra, or cheetah, you are covered.  Also solid colors available.  You can get this amazing roll for just $14.99.  That’s super fab, just like the roll.


“Kids of all ages are having a blast with FAB FUR!”

“Each FAB FUR roll is more than 39″, so you can do a great deal of FAB decorating!  Favorite things to stick FAB FUR to include your locker for a personal touch, books, furniture, photo frames, phone cases and just about anything you wanna make cool and FAB!”


This is good for kids of all ages.  My daughter is 17, and my son is 3.  They both had a ball with this Fab Fur.  Although, Jacob doesn’t have much to use it on, he still found fun with it.  He put some on my cell phone, and put it on my coffee maker.  It looks so cute now and I have Sarah and Jacob to thank.

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