3 Effective Ways to Learn to Meditate


 Once mastered, meditation can become as normal to a person’s daily routine as breathing. It can be performed throughout the day, such as while waiting in line, while driving, or during a meal. But learning how to meditate can be a challenge, because our typical, everyday lives have become so far removed from what it means to pause and contemplate. But you can learn to meditate without experiencing great discouragement or struggles. Here are 3 effective ways to learn to meditate.

  1. Use spiritual exercises. As part of your guided meditation practices, it’s encouraged that you partake in spiritual exercises. Spiritual exercises help to hold the mind steady and quiet your emotions. This can be done through the use of a spiritual tone or vibration that connects all of life’s existence. This type of exercise can help you to move into the awareness of your soul.
  2. Use a mantra. One such successful use of a tone is through a mantra. Mantras can be spoken out loud or inwardly. There are many types of mantras out there, with different groups using various mantras to not only tap into nature’s vibration, but also to connect to what’s known as the lower worlds (astral, causal, mental, or etheric realms). One such mantra that’s popular among Tibetan Buddhists is Om Mani Padme Hum (as is the use of the word Om, alone). Another mantra that can be used repeatedly during your guided meditation is HU, which, in Sanskrit, is an ancient name of the Supreme God.
  3. Keep a journal. Meditation is as much an exercise as going for a run or hitting the weights at the gym. Many enthusiastic exercisers keep a journal of their progress, struggles, and to document how they responded on certain days or times. You can do the same as you learn to meditate. As you keep a journal you’ll discover that you create insightful, often poetic thoughts as you connect so closely to your own soul and the spirit of those around you.

 Meditation is a journey that never ends. The final destination is the acceptance that there is no final destination. We are all works of art that need time, dedication, and practice to improve upon; the work is never over. Learning how to meditate is an important step toward becoming a more complete, and selfless person. Learn more about how to meditate from Soul Transcendence. Visit them online at http://msia.org.au/.





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