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Peaceful Kingdom Valentines are loved by my family.  From their tattoo valentines, to their scratch and sniff, Jacob and Sarah love them all.  They had so much fun opening the packages, and playing with them.  Sarah used all the teacher Valentines, being that she’s a senior, it’s her last chance to give Valentines.  Jacob gave them to his preschool friends, including his cousins.  They truly had a lot of fun filling them out together, Jacob had to have mommy’s help, but all in all, we had a blast.


All the Valentines were so cute, and they aren’t pricey either.  You can get them online, at Amazon, and I’ve seen them locally, as well.  These are super cute for any Valentine’s Day party, whether it be school, or a get together.  Give out some sweet Valentine’s today. 


Do you remember scratch n sniff stickers, from when we were kids?  Now you can share the love, by purchasing these for your child.  Scratch in sniff was always my favorite, and I still have my sticker books, as a matter of fact.  These can be passed down, just like the stickers.  We received Chocolate Scratch n Sniff, so cute.


You can also get dinosaur tattoo Valentines for the little boys in your life.  They will love having the dinosaurs on them.  These are super cute for any boy age 2-50, even my husband has a dinosaur tattoo right now.  He was having just as much fun as the kids, and mommy, when we pulled out the Valentines.  It gives me memories of being a kid again, and I love that.

There is more than just Valentine’s over at Peaceful Kingdom, there are plenty of other items, as well.  Including Birthday Cards, Journals, etc.  You really must go take a look to see what all Peaceful Kingdom has to offer.

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