Everything You Need to Know About TEN’s Machines


A TENs machine is, in layman’s terms; an alternative to pain relief medication. It’s a natural method and non-invasive, making it a popular choice with moms to be and people suffering from certain illnesses all around the world. The machine is a small portable device that uses wires and sticky pads to transmit electrical pulses through your body. The pulses are like little electric shocks, although they can help to decrease the pain during labour. There isn’t any ‘scientific’ evidence that these machines work, however; both women swear by them and use them again and again. Here’s everything else you need to know about this natural form of pain relief:

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Everything You Need to Know About TEN’s Machines


  • It’s best to use a TENs machine with the advice of a doctor.

  • Although a TENs machine is good for a few various types of pain, it is not suitable for all kinds of pains or conditions.

  • The user personally holds the TENs machine, so the settings are up to them.

  • TENs machines can be used by women in labour, those with musculoskeletal pain, and knee joint arthritis.

  • Less common uses for TENs machines are period pains, headaches, sports injuries, and tiredness/insomnia.

  • You can use a TENs machine alone, or with other pain relief medication.

  • There are no side effects for using a TENs machine.

  • Trials are available if you have tried other pain medications and they haven’t worked for you.

  • To find the TENs machine best suited to you, read these TENs unit reviews.

  • TENs machines can be expensive, but you can hire them or borrow them if you can’t afford one for yourself.

  • You should always take things slowly with a TENs machine, even if you feel as if it’s really helping you.

  • You shouldn’t use a TENs machine if your pain is undiagnosed, if you’re pregnant but not in labour, if you have a pacemaker, or if you have epilepsy.

  • You can tuck your machine into a pocket or belt, as they are designed to be portable.

  • Make sure the electrode pads are placed on the skin while the machine is turned off.

  • Make sure there are no cuts or grazes and that the skin is clean where you apply the pads.

  • The machine should be used for around 45 minutes but can be used up to 12 hours before you need to clean the electrodes and replace the pads.

  • You’ll need to remove the pads from the skin with ordinary soap and water – don’t pull the wires.

  • You should never use the machine near or in water.

  • You should never use the machine while driving or operating machinery.


TENs machines are perfect for certain conditions, and seem to work especially well during the early stages of labour. Although there is no scientific evidence to back it up, people swear by these machines to get them through the hard times. It’s definitely something to be considered if you prefer more natural pain relief methods, and have tried other methods and failed!

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