Contraception After Pregnancy


Contraception After Pregnancy

Contraception after pregnancy is a really tricky subject. There are so many things that people do not know about this topic so it is really important that you are informed. You will, most likely, need to talk to a professional. However, some facts can be mentioned about contraception after pregnancy as they should be common knowledge.

The most important thing that you have to remember is the fact that it is possible that you would become pregnant quite soon after the baby was born. This is true even when you breastfeed or if periods did not return yet.

Ovulation starts around 2 weeks before the period arrives. Fertility can thus so easily return before the mother even knows it. That is why so many couples end up having another baby so close after the first one.

When To Start Contraception

If you do not want another baby really fast, contraception should start as soon as possible. This is one thing that has to be remembered, according to all doctors. If the baby was delivered inside a hospital, the medic does tend to discuss with the patient and there is also a possibility that the family planning advisor is already involved. These professionals are often involved in the life of the families even after the baby is delivered.

There is a 6 week postnatal check that will take place. Then you will surely be asked about various possible contraception methods. These are topics that can still be discussed with local family planning clinics, the GP, a midwife or even a health visitor.

When You Are Ready For Sex

Whenever you feel that you are ready to have sex again, many contraceptive methods can be considered. This includes progestogen-only pill, female condoms, and male condoms.

You can also consider the contraceptive implant. However, this is one possibility that is only possible if twenty-one days passed since the birth. In the event that you are not currently breastfeeding, that is when other options can be considered like the contraceptive patch, a vaginal ring, and even the combined pill.

When the woman is breastfeeding everything is much trickier. Many of the contraceptive methods would not be appropriate as they would affect milk supply. Wait till babies are around 6 months old.

After 6 Weeks Passed

When 6 weeks passed it is possible to opt for even more contraceptive methods. Options that are available include a cap, diaphragm, and the contraceptive injection. You will have to talk to someone at the contraception clinic or talk with the GP if you used the cap or the diaphragm. Childbirth automatically means that different sizes may be necessary.

Between 6 And 8 Weeks

This is where the coil (intrauterine device) or an IUS (intrauterine system) can be taken into account. Sometimes they are possible in the first 2 days after delivering.


You need to think about contraception as soon as possible after giving birth. However, talking with a professional is something that you do want to seriously consider since the option that is the best will depend on your body.


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