Ellie Explorer Is Everything Entertaining for Preschoolers


As the Mom of teens, I wasn’t up on preschool favorites, but my best friend Kim’s grandson is!  I stopped by her house one day, and I noticed that Pete was sitting quietly, enthralled by a show.  Pete is NEVER quiet or still, so I went over to see what he was watching.  I was introduced to Ellie Explorer.

Ellie is a sweet, silly, SUPER HIGH energy girl who takes the preschooler set (called Ellie-Fans) along with her as she explores different places and animals. She shares all kinds of educational information about the animals she is showcasing.  Ellie talks about colors, and names- even spelling them with her Ellie-fans.  She makes animal noises and movements and shares so many cool facts. 

Kim and I sat in the kitchen while Pete watched “Everything About Monkeys” with Ellie.  We were getting in some much-needed coffee talk when I found myself becoming distracted by Ellie!  She was so engaging that she caught my attention at times.  She was counting animals, and Pete was counting along with her.   To be honest, Pete has a LOT of energy, and keeping him still to do ANYTHING is usually hard, but he was utterly absorbed in the show and watched every minute.  When Ellie invited us to all make monkey sounds, we all stood up and made monkey sounds together. 

Just so you know, I do an AWESOME baboon impression.   Even Pete was impressed. 

There’s animals, adventure, movement, music, and it is all super high energy. Oh, boy, is there energy! And SHE SINGS!   The songs she sings had me humming along.

Another awesome thing about Ellie Explorer is that you can watch her on YouTube! Having access to the Ellie Explorer channel at any time has got to be a Godsend when you need something to distract your little one for just a few minutes.  (Like Kim and I grabbed a cup of coffee and some conversation).  Ellie Explorer is part of the WildBrain YouTube channel of great kids shows.  It’s awesome that you can check out the shows on the channel and watch whenever you want.  Having free quality kids shows available whenever you want?  How perfect is that?  

If I had littles, you can bet that Ellie Explorer would be on my list of approved shows. As a homeschooling Mom, finding an entertaining AND educational show that keeps kids attention is a keeper for sure!

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