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ellenbkeepsakes1I received a necklace from Ellen B Keepsakes a few weeks ago, and this necklace is absolutely beautiful.  I couldn’t have asked for a better job on a piece of jewelry.  It shipped in great timing, even though it’s personalized.

You can tell this Grandmother’s necklace was done with care.  I know my mother is going to love it. 

The price is amazing, at only $45.00 for a piece of beautiful jewelry, that includes the chain.  I had my children’s names put on, and their birthstones are on the chain.  This is the most beautiful piece of jewelry I’ve ever laid eyes on, in my opinion.  The picture doesn’t do the necklace justice.  I mean it’s awesome in the picture but when it came, I was in awe.

I absolutely love this piece and have told friends, and family, about it to get for their mothers, as well.

  You couldn’t ask for a better piece of personalized jewelry, that is also hand stamped and hand crafted.

Ellen B Keepsakes has a lot of awesome jewelry, make sure you go to their site and check them out.  You won’t believe the awesome deals you can get while you are there.  You can do your jewelry shopping for Christmas all in one place.


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