Does My Health Insurance Policy Cover Car Accident Injuries in Missouri?


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Many people who live in Missouri may unscrupulously be wondering whether or not their health insurance policy covers the wounds or injuries they sustained from a car accident. They are, of course, also curious as to whether their life and disability insurance policy will cover these emotional and physical injuries. Insurance claims cost a lot of money; it is always best to be covered before you incur any type of loss. It is always better to be protected from the cost of a car accident, no matter what type of insurance you have.

Coverage for Car Accidents in Missouri

A personal injury protection insurance policy covers the treatment of injuries sustained in an auto accident. The PIP policy has specific coverage limits and may not cover all your expenses. If you are pregnant or were pregnant at the time of the car accident, you won’t be compensated by the PIP insurance policy. The insurance provider will check that your medical bills, prescriptions, and lost work wages exceed $15000. If they exceed this amount, you will most likely be compensated for the remaining expenses. 

Missouri does not have a no-fault law, meaning every injured driver must file an insurance claim. Under Missouri No-Fault law, your insurance company will cover up to $20,000 in medical operations and treatment. Another important aspect is that uninsured motorist coverage will not protect you from the uninsured driver, but it will protect you from the passengers in that vehicle who hurt you. The medical bills of your passengers will be paid by their insurance company. Your property damage may also be covered by the policy of a driver who hit you and caused damage to your car.

Do I Need Accident Insurance if I have Health Insurance?

You do not need to purchase extra accident insurance if you are covered by health insurance or a health insurance policy. Your insurance company will cover your medical bills if you become injured or sick. All health insurers have personal injury protection policies, so you are good to go if you have one of those insurance providers. Your health insurance will cover car accident injuries.

Which is Not Covered in Personal Accident?

Pregnancy, the subsequent birth of a child, pregnancy-related complications, and any disability caused by the above are not included in the personal injury policy. Also, pre-existing conditions are not included in the policy. It means you can have a policy before the accident, but the insurance company is not required to pay for any pre-existing injuries. You must purchase an additional personal accident policy that meets your state law requirements.

If you are wondering whether or not your health insurance policy covers you in case of a car accident, then please refer to the information presented here. Insurance is essential and protects you from heavy expenses arising from a car accident. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact an attorney or someone else who is familiar with this topic.

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Alice Bayker
Alice Bayker
1 year ago

I have heard that car accidents in Missouri are not a rare phenomenon, and insurance doesn’t cover a lot of cases. Moreover, I have recently made research on this topic for my college paper and here I have read that a lot of homeless people just die due to the cars accidents, I think that influences on the overall social state of the community and these people without any insurance become the most unsecure segment of population.

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1 year ago
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1 year ago

The easy-to-understand analysis and useful advice from this article I greatly appreciate the author’s work!!
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1 year ago

If you’re wondering “Does My Health Insurance Policy Cover Car Accident Injudies in Missouri?” then you’ve come to the right place. Most personal automobile insurance policies include medical payments coverage. You should request this coverage as soon as possible. This coverage will pay your medical bills after a car accident, regardless of fault. While you will have to pay your deductible and co-pay, this coverage is a valuable resource.