Do Happy Children Make Happy Parents?


Parenting has its ups and downs. However, there is no better moment for a parent than seeing their children embracing life fully. It makes a parent happy to see a child enjoying life and smiling. It is a wish and hope for every parent that their children will stay happy always. That is not usually the case, as children have to go through discipline as they grow up.

Research conducted by psychological science revealed some vital information. The study found an association between parenting and increased happiness and meaning in parents’ lives. Some people have, for a long time, claimed that childless people are happier than those with kids. However, the statement is not necessarily true. Parenting has challenges, as well as moments of joy and happiness.

Various studies have been done to determine the impact of parenting on a couple’s happiness. Mothers, especially, have shown increased contentment and satisfaction when doing daily activities with children. The fathers have also had increased positive emotion when they play with their children and mentor them.

Does happiness come with age?

When the children are still little, they require a lot of commitment and work from both parents. The sleepless nights, the prolonged cries, and changing diapers is not easy. For young moms at 25, it is even worse. The mothers are always in the transitioning stage of their lives. They are likely to be dealing with many issues, including financial stability and job satisfaction. Plus, add an illness or special need and it really is a difficult time. This is where Camp Barnabas could be such a help. Camp Barnabas is a unique ministry providing Christian camping experiences to people with special needs and chronic illnesses.

Midlife parents are the happiest parents due to the stability they have. There is nothing that makes a parent more joyful than seeing a child say “mommy or daddy” for the first time. Starting to walk is another major event that brings joy to a parent. However, as the children grow older and start facing real life, their success is also the parents’ success. Their joy in life also becomes the parents’ joy.

Happy children do not come easy

For children to make you happy, they have to be happy themselves. Their happiness does not come by chance but by your hard work. Look for ways of nurturing your children, such as camps where they can interact with other children. Some camps cater to the specific needs of kids.

The parents must teach their children about life skills and positive attitude. The lessons children learn are essential to help them navigate through life and enjoy it. They are critical in helping them to bounce back from challenges and find success. Your parenting helps them to follow their dreams, find success, love, and be loved. All the achievements of the children constitute their happiness and yours too.

What are the ways of raising happy children?

  • Create a home environment that allows the children to live happily. The peaceful environment consequently allows you to enjoy the company of your children.
  • Celebrate occasions, such as birthdays with your children, buy them gifts that show that you appreciate them.
  • Be the best example for your children on how to be happy. Your attitude towards challenges and negative things should provide them with an example of how to go about it. The way you interact as couples will model them how to live happily.
  • Don’t try to make your children happy. Long-term happiness comes when the children learn on their own. Teaching them critical skills is enough to give them the resilience to cope with life. When they leave you to stay on their own, you will remain happy knowing they can handle whatever comes their way.

The importance of good times for your children

When your children are happy, you also automatically become happy. As you train your children to become happy, you also learn to become happier. Sometimes a parent may become overly overprotective as they try to help their children navigate through life. Dr. Paula Rauch of Harvard advises against becoming an overprotective parent as it may become detrimental.

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