Make Sure Your Children Don’t Miss Fun and Exciting Events


There may be hundreds of great activities, camps and events in your locality, but you’d never even know because you aren’t informed. However, you can attend every event that captures your interest if you look online at a kids activities website such as Chatter Block where all the fun things to do and see are listed.

You can find events in many major cities in the United States and Canada and get a weekly email newsletter so you don’t miss unusual or special one-of-a kind events. For example, did you know that you and your family and friends can bicycle around the San Francisco zoological park before the crowds arrive, or that there are fireworks every Saturday night in October at PIER 39?

There are many other cities where fun and fascinating things happen. Austin, Texas, has one of the most famous Celtic Festivals in the world that still celebrates authentic Celtic music. It is a cultural event, not a gimmick, and highlights traditions and achievements that showcase the extraordinary folk music and dance that originated in Ireland and Scotland centuries ago. It takes place October 18th and 19th.

A website like this gives you a chance to find really fun things for your children to do that gets them away from the computer and TV. You can find music lessons that are not boring, cooking classes that teach more than how to prepare food as well as holiday-specific activities for Halloween, Christmas and many other public holidays.

Did you know that in Edmonton, Alberta, you can just drop into Crock a Doodle and paint your own pottery? People of all ages enjoy creating works of art with ready-to-paint pottery pieces. The results are kiln-fired to a brilliant, food-safe, durable finish. This is a great idea for creating personalized gifts and having a lot of fun while doing it.

You may think you need to travel around the world to learn about other cultures and appreciate their arts. This may be true, but there are also ample opportunities in cities throughout the United States and Canada where you and your family can be introduced to many different cultural experiences. In San Francisco, the famous Indian Kathak dancer, Farah Yasmeen Shaikh, gives special performances in the North Indian classical style.

The city also presents the Croatian Heritage Festival on October 18th. You and your family can experience the music, dance and food from Croatia and learn about the 157 years the Croatian people have lived in the city and contributed to its well-being. You don’t need to go to China to see collections of Beijing’s Palace Museum. The Vancouver Art Gallery offers an exhibition of ancient artifacts from an architectural site that has been shrouded in mystery until recently.

And what about Spain? Flamenco is a raucous dance that is thrilling to watch, especially when it seems to go faster than the speed of light. The pulsating sounds, guitar music, meticulous footwork, castanets and hand-clapping seem to pick you up and magically whirl you around the room.

When you look online for activities and events that are available in your locality, you’ll find a lot of entertainment from around the world that offers a golden opportunity for you to learn about and experience something new. If you are running out of ideas for the next birthday party, never fear. There are hundreds of ideas online that come with instructions for decorations, games and theme food.

There are even volunteer programs for older children who want to spend some time giving back to their communities or helping the environment. Camps are available in the mountains all over the U.S. and Canada where children can get back to nature and really enjoy the outdoors without looking at it on a computer monitor. If they can’t live without technology, there are camps and science programs that test and measure the outside world while living for three to five days in the wilderness.

There is a wide range of activities that will attract and occupy your children during any holiday from art, drama and writing to camps, sports and entertainment. You can also find preschools, health and wellness venues as well as reputable daycare centers. Do yourself a favor, and stay informed about all of the events and programs in near you.

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