How to Find a Great Orthopedic Spine Surgeon


Back pain can be debilitating because those individuals who suffer from the condition can be severely limited in their lifestyle. Their inability to perform even the most basic tasks means enjoying an active and productive life may not be possible. There are various causes of chronic back pain that include pulled muscles, pinched nerves and damaged or deteriorating vertebrae. Pulled muscles will usually heal in time with rest supported by pain medication. Back pain caused by a pinched nerve can often be alleviated through massage therapy or chiropractic treatment. Back pain that is caused by spinal trauma or other problems originating in the spine will need treatment by an orthopedic spine surgeon.

Primary care physicians sometimes have patients who are seeking relief from ongoing back pain, but they have exhausted all their resources to help them. Once the doctor has determined that the pain is not caused by a pulled muscle that could be treated with proper rest and medication, the patient should be referred to an orthopedic spine surgeon for further evaluation and treatment. The primary care doctor may not be sure whether the patient should see an orthopedic or neurological specialist, so a clinic that offers both specialties is the best option.

Neurological surgeons treat pain originating from the nervous system that includes the brain and the spinal column. The spinal cord, peripheral nerves, and the extra-cranial cerebrovascular system are also best treated by a neurological specialist. A neurosurgeon specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of nerve-related pain, so the patient should first be examined for neurological issues if the cause of back pain is unknown.

Orthopedic spine surgeons focus on the back and neck areas of the spine, so an orthopedic surgeon will provide treatment once nerve damage has been ruled out as the source of pain. This does not mean the location and protection of nerves will not be considered during surgery since nerves can be damaged during any type of surgical procedure.

People who have been suffering from chronic back pain for what may seem to be a long time to them are anxious to find relief through treatment. Surgery is not something that anyone looks forward to, but it is more favorable than continuing to suffer from back pain. The experience will be far less traumatic if they have total confidence in their surgeon. The best way for patients to know their orthopedic or neurological surgeon is qualified to correctly diagnose and treat their back pain is to check whether they are board certified and fellowship trained. Primary care doctors typically check the credentials of any specialist they are referring their patients to, but patients can also check the qualifications for themselves. An easy way to do this is to look at the doctor’s website. For example, if you look at Dr. Gerald Alexander’s website, you can see all his certifications and fellowships listed out. And, by looking at the websites of a few doctors, you can also find out more about the centers and their services offered.

Orthopedic spine centers that are recognized as providers of the best care in the field are able to offer excellent treatment options from both neurological and orthopedic surgeons. While these doctors specialize in different fields, they sometimes work together to provide the best care possible for patients referred to their clinic.

Patients who have undergone any type of surgery to treat back pain will have their progress followed by their surgeon after treatment. They may need physical therapy and education about new methods of pain management. Orthopedic spine centers typically offer their patients advice regarding injury prevention and rehabilitation that includes specific exercises and bracing.

Physicians who refer patients suffering from back or neck pain should familiarize themselves with spine specialists in their local area. The should seek out professionals who are able to diagnose, treat, rehabilitate individuals suffering from pain originating in the spine. The clinic should also provide in-depth post-surgery information so these people are able to prevent further injury.

Some of the top clinics specializing in neurological and orthopedic spine treatment are now able to offer minimally invasive surgery. These innovative surgical techniques result in less pain and a shortened recovery time for certain types of spine surgery. Patients seeking the best orthopedic spine surgeon should ask if this kind of surgery would be available for their condition.





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