DIY Candle Decoration Tips


Candles are a staple to Diwali. It is necessary to keep up with the excitement. Well, candles aren’t just used for decorative purposes, but they have many other benefits. 

Decoration and candles go hand-in-hand. The right candle can eventually play an important role in enhancing the overall look. Let us tell you, that you don’t need to stick to any particular occasion to add the welcoming impact. 

Candles are a staple to Diwali- that’s true- but candles are also stapled to home decor. If you want a classy look to your house, you need to focus on choosing the right decoration tips that can eventually help you in the long run. 

Here are some of the best candle decoration tips that you should be following

Candles and Diyas

Candles and Diyas are a great combination. What’s great about this combination is that you can make one at home too. You can buy the best candle making kits and get on preparing a diya or candle all by yourself. 

However, if you are not making a diya, you should buy a simple, plain diya and light them around the boundaries of your house. You can put up the diyas and candles alternatively across your house, pavements and entrances. You can brighten every corner of your house using diyas and candles. The colour and glitter will keep up with the decoration. 

You can always proceed with your creative side and bring out the best. The cinnamon stick candles and aroma candles should be the best to you. Moreover, the scented candles can add a tinge of fragrance around your house. 

Floating candles

Who doesn’t love floating candles? Floating candles have become a part of modern-day households. Whether there’s a festival or not, every modern house has a piece of floating candles. The floating candles, when placed in the centrepiece, act as accent decor. 

You can fill a bowl with water and put the floating candles in them. To add some extra charm, you can also put some flower petals and glitter in the bowl. It is better to keep the bowl in different places in the house. Bowls filled with floating candles should find its main place in the centre table. It would help if you never left these floating candles unattended for they can pose certain dangers. 

Paper lanterns

Should you include paper lanterns in your house? You can, but you should not leave them unattended. If you are trying to be creative, you should get paper lanterns. 

In India, paper lanterns are used mostly during Diwali, and people create different shapes and manners. You can change the shapes and sizes accordingly. If you are trying to make a paper lantern, you should use the old CDs across your house. You can hand the paper lanterns on your porch or garden. The paper lanterns help to improve the aesthetics of your house and can add to the elegance. Furthermore, they also add to the festive spirits. 

Floral Decorations

You will also need to consider the floral decorations. Floral decorations and candles go hand-in-hand. These are the perfect addition to your house. If you are to opt for floral decorations, you wouldn’t have to spend too much. 

The floral decorations are a great addition to your house. It would help if you decorated the entrance and sideways accordingly. This will eventually help you get the centre table. Furthermore, floating flowers are a great addition to your table. 

Decorating lantern candles

Decorating the candles within a lantern will eventually help to create a statement. Honestly, lanterns will always help to make the magic you’ve been looking forward to. There are so many stories and myths related to lanterns. When you add candles in lanterns in your house, you can always expect to bring out the magic. 

Moreover, decorating candles within the lantern helps to add to the safety and contributes to a peaceful and safe glow. The lanterns are easily available in the house in different shapes and sizes. You can eventually choose one that helps create the right drama as per your house’s look. 

Rustic Barnwood candle sconces

Sconces are a great addition to your house. They can provide the right makeover and help to keep up with the rustic style. Barnwood can act as an anchor for your iron or glass sconces to place the candles. Apart from setting the candles, you can include some tea lights right below the container. This helps to create the right impact with simple living placed directly above the mantle. 


There are several ways through which you can include candle decorations in your house. Compared to light, candle decorations are a much classy way. However, it is essential to be careful with candle decorations because one simple mistake can lead to everything around your house being hampered. 

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