Getting Started Building Your Dream Doll House


Have you been thinking about getting started in the dollhouse hobby and building a beautiful dollhouse of your own? This can be a very fun hobby which will provide you with many hours of pleasure and enjoyment.

There are many important things that you need to consider when you are starting out. Here are some tips to keep in mind when you are getting started in your dolls’ house hobby:

What Scale Do You Want to Work With?

Before you start building a dollhouse and furniture, you will need to decide what kind of scale you will be working with – because you will need to make sure that all of your furniture and the house itself are the same scale. When you are buying dollhouse furniture online, you will be able to choose the scale that you are looking for, so everything will fit together.

What Period Do You Want to Recreate?

Do you want to build a dollhouse that recreates a 1930s American farmhouse, or a British Victorian mansion? Or perhaps you want to recreate the style of Art Deco, Tudor, Georgian or Gothic architecture? It is important to decide on your era first, so that you can buy dolls house furniture and decorations which fit within that era.

Telling a Story

Sometimes doll house hobbyists like to tell a story with their creations, so perhaps you can think about this when you are creating your design. Do you want the scene within your dollhouse to tell a story? Can you tell a tale about something in local history, or create a vignette showing the lives of the people who live in the house? There are many ways that you can decorate the dollhouse so that the scene tells a story.

Creating a Space for Working on Your Dollhouse

If you have enough room in your house, it is very advantageous to have a space that is completely dedicated to working on your dollhouse. You will be spending hours creating elaborate furniture and scenes, so you won’t want to set up the dollhouse in a heavily used area such as the kitchen table and have to take it down again after working on it every day. You want to set it up once and be able to return to it anytime you like.

Some people simply use a spare corner of a room in their house, especially if they don’t have the extra space to dedicate a whole room to the dollhouse hobby. However, if you do have the extra room in your house this would be a great place to work in solitude. Some dollhouse hobby enthusiasts convert their basement, attic, spare bedroom or garage to a workshop where they can craft their doll houses.

Doing Your Research

Researching doll house building techniques and historic styles of your chosen period is an important part of starting a doll house hobby. Many doll house hobbyists find this a very enjoyable part of the hobby, because they enjoying learning and discovering more about the art of dollhouse making.

You can research by reading magazines, visiting websites, reading books and frequenting doll house hobbyist online forums and chat rooms. You can really learn a lot about historic architecture and design, as well as techniques for building and decorating beautiful and realistic doll houses.

Making New Friends Who Share Your Hobby

If you have followed these steps, you should be well on your way to getting started in the dollhouse hobby. The next step is to make some friends who are also interested in this craft. You can meet people online in forums, as well as attending miniature hobby events or conferences. You might even meet people by being friendly and outgoing when you are shopping at your local miniature store.

One of the great things about making friends that share your hobby is that you will have someone to talk about dollhouse making with. You can share techniques you have learned, give each other feedback on your dollhouses and even purchase supplies in bulk to save money. It’s a lot of fun to know someone who shares the same passion for a hobby that you do.

These are just a few of the steps you can take when you are getting started in the dollhouse building hobby. This activity is a lot of fun and it will challenge your skills and creativity – allowing you lots of opportunities to learn new things. Have fun and enjoy building the dollhouse of your dreams!


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