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No traveler can afford to keep the Caribbean out of their bucket list. The amazing beauty of the blue seas, the alluring winter sun, and the pristine white sand beaches are irresistible, as everything else you see seems drab. Spending the summer under a palm tree on a gorgeous beach is a delight for any traveler who would feel flattered to explore some of the best island beaches of the world that could leave them enchanted. Exploring Caribbean is a great source to plan your travel. 

Visiting the island is one of the most attractive ways to spend your vacation in the laps of nature, and it could be challenging to shortlist some beaches to decide which one you should head to first.  The happy-go-lucky lifestyle of the people of the islands who never waste any opportunity to engage in festivals and celebrations are the other attractions that add more fun and excitement to the tour.

Dozens of islands dotted on the turquoise water present diversified attractions for visitors. It can be challenging to create a priority list for visiting these islands to explore them from various angles. Which island should you land first, far or near, small or big, urban or rural – the considerations are many, and it can leave you perplexed at the end if you do not have defined your travel objectives before the trip. 

This article should help make light some of your hard work as you can follow the list to get the best returns from the Caribbean trip.

Start with the Carenage in St, George’s, Grenada

To get a flavor of Grenada, which has one of the prettiest waterfronts of the Caribbean, start your tour by arriving at the horse-shoe shaped harbor buzzing with activities that would make your heart skip a beat with its vibrancy. The inviting shady shelters scattered around are ideal for lazily lying down and see the world race past you as you enjoy the sight of the bobbing boats negotiating the waves. The gorgeous old waterside buildings are a treat for the eyes, and the busy cafes are the ideal places to recharge your batteries before you step out for your next sight-seeing session. Turning your back to the sea will provide the scintillating view of the brightly colored rooftops that start spreading from the bay and move upwards along the hillside, and ends just before the glowering stone fort amid the scenic greenery encircling it.

Tiny Islands – The Grenadines and St.Vincent

Nothing can be more attractive than spending time on the beaches of the Caribbean in the simplest way by idling your time at the Tiny Islands that can take you back to the old days of traveling all by yourself by shunning the tour packages and cruise ships.  Discover the joys of being all on your own when you reach the Grenadines. The arrays of tiny islands that stretch south are ready to welcome visitors who can get there by ferries. Start with Bequia, the Grenadines’ perfect island that boasts stunning beaches along the shoreline where you can enjoy a slow-paced life by choosing one of the budget-friendly accommodations. Besides the sand, water, and sunshine, spend some time at the shops that treat you with the local culture.

Surfing in Barbados

Barbados is a paradise for surfers, which was dominated by the locals until a few years ago but has now become a hotspot for international visitors who love surfing in the lusty waves that set the adrenaline rushing.  The Soup Bowl in the east side of Barbados’ surf-break is now the top attraction for those ready to accept the vast Atlantic waves’ challenge and prove their surfing skills. 

Havana, Cuba

Havana’s shabby magnificence, coupled with its various ambiguities, makes it a must see place during the Caribbean tour. Seldom would anyone draw a Caribbean itinerary that does not include Havana, which is a hauntingly romantic city to most people. Take a stroll along the streets of Habana Vieja to feel the pulse of the city where kids play stickball with balls made by rolling up plastics, and the sight of American Buicks could turn you nostalgic. The city’s architecture is a blend of diverse styles that mirrors the diverse history of the nation. The famous musical soundtrack of Cuba remains imbibed in every corner of the city that reverberates with the beats of the renowned salsa, rumba, trova, and reggaeton.

Fishing villages, Martinique

Fort-de-France, the capital of Martinique, might leave you slightly disappointed because of its urbanization but some pleasant surprise awaits you at the charming fishing villages. These villages still maintain the yesteryear lifestyle, and the tourist dollars have not yet made an impact. The majestic forestry on the hillsides is a sight to behold within the crescent sand beaches’ frame, and do not miss the lovely Grande Anse an Anse d’Arlet that are gorgeous beauties.

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