Different Kinds of Termites


Homeowners need to be educated about the different types of pest problems that are known to affect a particular geographic region. Termites are considered to be some of the most common pests all over the United States. These insects can invade homes and cause serious structural damage to anything that is made of wood. Local health departments and other municipal agencies might provide homeowners with resources about termites and other pests. These agencies might even offer tips on living with the threat of possible termite infestation. Of course, it’s also important to encourage homeowners to eliminate any pest problems by using approved methods.

Professional exterminators might further educate homeowners about the different ways to deal with pests. Clients have the right to know the various treatment options that are available for eliminating insects and other unwanted critters. Learning about the different kinds of termites can help homeowners make the best selection on the treatment. Sometimes, the extermination focuses on eliminating the nests where termite colonies might live. Other treatment options simply prevent pests from invading a property. Subterranean, drywood and dampwood termites each require slightly different extermination methods. 

Traditional pest control solutions often rely on harsh chemicals that could be quite harmful for humans. Surely, homeowners might be interested in exploring environmentally friendly solutions for termite extermination. Fortunately, there are organic liquids that could be easily applied around the perimeter of a home as well as directly onto structures such as foundation and exterior walls. Extermination companies often launch effective marketing campaigns that educate clients about the benefits of using all-natural agents for termite control. Ingredients such as orange peel extracts and other citrus-based chemicals have absolutely no health hazards for humans or domestic pets like cats and dogs. 

Innovative exterminator companies do extensive research to make sure that their solutions are safe for use. Digital brochures about environmentally friendly termite control are available for download and sharing on mobile devices and computers. Best of all, kids might appreciate the pleasant smell of orange-based termite control products. Children can even leave orange peels to prevent termite invasions.

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