Plant a Garden and Save


Growing food is a terrific way to help promote better health and save money. Not only will every component from seed to table be monitored for safety but there is also no comparison in taste. Surprisingly it doesn’t take as much room as many might think and the reward far outweighs the effort. Worried about costs? Home gardening can actually be quite affordable, particularly after the initial groundwork is in place. Getting help with the initial setting up costs is easy, a payday loan could provide the attional funds you require to get you started and on your way to saving money.


Look for a sunny patch of yard, deck, or porch. The decision to plant in the ground or containers will largely depend on space availability and soil conditions. Ideally soil will have a loose, loamy feel to it and not be overloaded with any particular mineral deposits. Most gardening stores should have a very affordable soil sampling kit that can advise whether any amendments need to be made. Planting in the ground is great for watering purposes, though raised beds and container gardening offer much more control over soil conditions, as well as pest and weed control. Those with space limitations should also consider vertical gardening.

What to Grow

First off write down a list of dream vegetables and don’t be concerned about the season. Then look online to see what items can grow best in the region where you live. The most reputable agricultural sites will also have calendars advising when to plant specific seeds, their gestation period, and when to harvest them. Remember some crops thrive in colder conditions whilst others need plenty of warm days to produce. When planning on which foods to grow don’t forget to add colorful flowers to the plan so as to encourage pollinating insects. There are also specific plants and flowers that can help deter pests from having dinner before you get to.

When to Grow

Gardening is a year-round prospect. During the winter the summer garden is planned and vice versa. Once begun there will be a lot of trial-and-error learning. In time it will become apparent that some plants are two much work or don’t grow properly where you live. Depending on how detail-oriented a new gardener is there will also most likely be plenty of mistakes made because of ignoring planting directions and proper cultivating and scheduling of seeds and seedlings. If tomatoes and peppers can be grown note that growing both by seed is far more challenging than planting small plants and tending to them. That’s not to say to avoid trying seeds because they are far more cost-effective, but try not to be disappointed if few thrive.

Share the Wealth

Work together with friends to really save money. Go in together on equipment and share the items. Buy soil and seeds in bulk and share those, too. Better yet, confer with each other before planning each garden and place different crops in each based on whose garden is best suited for them and then share the harvest. If any are lucky enough to have chickens or horses ask for manure to help ensure the richest, most productive soil. By working together it keeps the costs and responsibilities from landing on any one person. Plus it’s just a lot more fun to have friends to get garden happy with.

Black Thumb?

Even those who kill house plants should try a food garden and an herb garden. There’s something about caring for things that will one day be food—some connection that makes even the blackest thumbs turn green. In no time at all it is very easy to read plants and understand what they need and when. Plus gardeners will get far better vegetable, that taste like sunshine and rain—and at a fraction of the cost of that pretty store-bought produce that tastes like cardboard.

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