Outdated Décor Implements (That Shouldn’t Exist Anymore)


Throughout modern design history, there have been billions of bad ideas that simply didn’t take (Chia Pets anyone?) These mistakes, as we’ll call them, lasted not long at all, and ended up being just one more footnote in the annals of bad ideas; however, every so often, there are a few that catch on and cling like a burr to a field mouse, and we all just throw our hands in the air and say “why?” Here are a few of those design trends, and why they shouldn’t have a home in your home

4. Dream Catchers

Okay, I understand that these have cultural significance, and I understand that they aren’t always used as design implements—sometimes they actually are there out of spiritual belief—however, if you are using these simply because you like the way they look, it’s time to fire up your time machine and zoom your way out of the ‘70s. Seriously, whenever anyone imagines a tacky living space, dream catchers are the first thing that come to mind, and that is definitely not a good thing. So, if you are still holding onto these one-off wonders, grab your dustbin and do your part to end the era of the dream catcher. Your house will thank you later.

3. Ranch Style Décor in a Modern Style Home

Have you ever walked into a house that looked nice, clean, and modern on the outside, only to find yourself transported to the age of spaghetti westerns and John Wayne the moment you walked in? If you have, I’m sure you had the same reaction; what are you thinking? I understand that people love them some country, but that does not mean you need faux wooden interiors with a billion statues of horses, arrowheads, and cowboys all over the place. Not only is this style quickly going out of style, it’s also jarring when compared to the outside. Even more cabin-style homes just feel underutilized when the indoors scream cowboys and Indians! It’s lame, boring, and way out of style; move on, and try something new for a change!

2. Ornate(ly fake) Decorations

Sometimes, people just want to make their home look ritzy and glorious, and I completely understand that. Décor is oftentimes a status symbol, and doing your best to make it look like you spent a lot of money—even when you haven’t—feels like the right thing to do. But, I have a pro-tip for you that should make your home look even better: don’t do it. All those ornate “gold” frames, heavy looking garage sale furniture and velvety looking throw pillows may look good to you, but it always, always, ALWAYS looks like you’re trying too hard from a third person perspective. Trust us; sometimes, simple is the best route to take to make your house look amazing. Going overboard will only make you look like a try hard.

1. Gaudy Colors and Too many Color Patterns

Walking into a room should never make you squint your eyes and it should never, EVER give your guests a headache. Sadly, a new decorating trend that seems to be blowing through the home design world is putting as many colors and patterns into a room as you can to create a bright, chaotic look. While most of the world is becoming duller and duller, which is also a bad idea, these décor aficionados are going in the exact wrong direction, causing all of their guests horrible migraines the moment they walk in. For all you over-color-ifiers, I have a simple task for you: stop. You may want to get away from the boring black and white that is increasingly becoming a mainstay in our culture, but you don’t want to go so far in the opposite direction that it becomes obnoxious.


Tyler Fleck is a freelance writer who specializes in interior decorating ideas for young couples. He often finds himself browsing on We Party Wickless for new ideas and trends.


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